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Friday, March 11, 2011

From Twitter 03-11-2011

I bought a book from & they sent me a Fahrenheit 451 T-shirt. Thanks - & props for the discovery.
@Bluebie THAT WAS @belafleckbanjo -- It's available for download.
@SDuPreeBemis So glad they reached you! #notaSlacker
RT @mollycrabapple: Sale till midnight- Orders over $100 gets a free @neilhimself poster. $50+ gets a free Dr Sketchy book. http://www.m ...
@tinabrieste thank you. but you only have me for another 36 hours. Then I'm gone for a week.
@wickesbi really? I've had some Scotches that were about my age that reminded me mostly of motorbike fuel.
@Rhonderlee No. And no.
@paddywhackednat So glad that it tasted good. The credit goes to @isachandra. I just played around with what she came up with.
@wickesbi Fair enough. I've had great scotch over 30, and I've had stuff that wasn't drinkable...
For the record, the Fahrenheit 451 and the Naked Lunch shirts are the covers of the editions I read as a boy.
@wickesbi I have promised myself I will visit the Talisker distillery one day to find out if they make anything I like. So far, they don't.
@Alec9k Well, aged somewhere between age 11 and 13. Sure.
@ivyratafia you are so cool, Ivy.
@acdf you will miss them again next week, I am afraid.
@mollycrabapple Yargh. I am sorry, Molly. Shall I risk taking down Etsy?
@laurelrusswurm You're saying that all covers should remain in print forever? Or the moment a cover is replaced it goes out of #copyright?
Home. I weigh more than I did before 10 days of meals in China. So I am going to work out before bed. Also, re China:
@MARIADAHVANA Mwah. PS: -- you got @peterstraubnyc !
@BenButton I don't think authors count as celebrities.
@StephDrummerGrl As an offering, and to keep going. Why does anyone eat anything? Particlarly the god of the dead?
Love and good wishes to Japan after Earthquake. Fingers crossed that the Tsunami doesn't happen.
RT @BreakingNews: Japan update: USGS upgrades quake measure to 8.8 magnitude
@kristinameister Main suggestion is get out of Beijing as soon as you can. Eat local food. Meet people.
This is bad:
@sarahdope s'true xx n
@kristinameister thank you!
@amandapalmer Er... me?
RT @amandapalmer: RT #Google Person Finder available after #earthquake in #Japan information about loved ones.
RT @googlejapan: Google では、本日起きた地震のあと、連絡のとれない家族や友人がいる方のために、Google Person Finder というツールを提供しています。
@MackPhillips Oh good!
@kristinameister Sort of. When the GOOD OMENS photos were taken in Kensal Green Cemetery I suggested J&TD title to TP & we talked about it.
An interview with me about my fondness for @lomography just up at (with photos and gallery).
RT @okgo: What happens when we throw Damian into a room w/ @AmandaPalmer @BenFolds and @neilhimself? Guess we'll find out soon...http:// ...
@laurelrusswurm You're saying that every book cover that's no longer being used is no longer the property of the artist but of the public?
@laurelrusswurm But what if either the author/artist doesn't want something back in print? Or wants to re-sell it to someone else?
@Tah_Dahh It's a bit moody. But it might be fun...
@AletheaKontis The Angry Planet by John Kier Cross #SciFirsts
@sarahsalway Isn't it just? #humument
RT @maureenjohnson: Blog Post: SHELTERBOX IN JAPAN
@maureenjohnson Elise Howard says she's got some signed First Editions of The Graveyard Book coming your way for #Shelterbox...
RT @ThatEliseHoward: @maureenjohnson I have six First Editions of TGB, signed by @neilhimself, courtesy of @HarperChildrens for you. #na ...
If you're in LA, @amandapalmer is doing a Free Ninja gig at 4 pm today (90 minutes from now) in the Park at Santa Monica & Cahuenga Bvd.
@cindypon I put on an easy 3lb in 10 days. Some days were 3 banquets a day. #
@Pantstrovich Absolutely. good luck, & hug.
@shereensunrise It's exactly 1.5 miles East of Plummer Park on Santa Monica (about 17 blocks).
@laurelrusswurm Normally the artist owns the art. And many artists re-sell book cover art around the world, sometimes for different books.
@laurelrusswurm So you're saying the moment a book or image is published, anyone has the right to publish it?
@RoRoMoFo82 Hurrah! You bring the nibbles. I'll be in a corner writing.
@laurelrusswurm And indeed, was the case. I'm with Dickins and Twain on this one.
Keep looking at CNN photos from Japan, marvelling at how fragile what we make is:
@fairuza I can't wait to see it!
@amandapalmer I really like your haircut! #seeyoutomorrow #hasitbeensixweeks?
Why would an elderly Nokia phone I've had for years suddenly decide it's "Phone restricted" and needs a code I don't have to work?
@cholten99 A 6320i type RM 72 that I use mostly for foreign SIM cards when I travel. PHONE RESTRICTED and then an UNDO screen, with a code.
@lostinmyminds I bought it unlocked, and it's changed SIMS a hundred times since then...
@StephDrummerGrl: You may want to start at
@PlaJarvinen Got it. Oh well. Time to retire the ancient phones then.
@psyne0 I dunno. In a world in which passenger trains are swept away by sea and possibly lost, man-made things are fragile.
Hmm. SIM card works fine in new phones. It kills old ones. Oh, planned update-obsolescence...
@tamtimc Er, yes. That Neil.
@bcmilum 3 days of battery life and very useful when I need a spare phone on the road around the world.
@raoulduck that's what it looks like.
RT @ChrisBrosnahan: Please RT this lovely North London indy bookshop who need help. And sell your books.
@abhishekrocked I think that's the strangest question I've ever been asked on Twitter. Because Wifi doesn't follow me around the world...?
@josiahgould yup.
@Dhunterauthor Why would I be in a car around the world?
Something else that happened while I was off Twitter: Cabal Tshirts/stickers raising money to sponsor 2 Tigers.
In case you didn't know, if you're in the US, you can text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 to help Japan
@cholten99 the phones are still unlocked. It's just the upgraded SIM that's causing the problem. @ThatGirlLisa
@randamuko I've got lots of phones. I like having phones with 3-4 days of battery life that I can slam SIMs in all over the world.
RT @EmWyllie: @neilhimself Canadian can text the same msg to 30333 to donate $10 to the Red Cross

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