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Thursday, March 10, 2011

From Twitter 03-10-2011

I'm in airports in transit. I have 24 hours online & Twitter, then another week away. So expect 24 hours of TOO MUCH TWITTERING. #sorry
oops. They're boarding. Quick. Sponsor @paul_cornell's beard.
In Chicago in April? One Book. One City. Neverwhere. Me. This will be fun.
I missed national book night last week. But this article on books we give and were given is a delight:
Something else that happened while I was away. A 99cent digitalcomic by @jimlee00 & me by @dccomics as a @CBLDF benefit
@Skebz okay.
@zorandra that was so much fun. I read the whole thing and nobody minded...
@cozyrat well, they are.
@georgiafrancesk no. I'd love a copy.
The wise @Jschancellor is giving away a free E-book of 'Son of Ereubus' #freebooks
@plural I do not know. But if I am not, then assume family obligations may have me turning up there sooner or later.
@amandapalmer thank you! I love you! Also, I missed you. Also, I will see you in 48 hours. If my luggage ever comes off this carousel.
@Tah_Dahh go back about 3 or 4 tweets and it'll be there.
RT @amandapalmer: i'll be at @ThatKevinSmith's @SModcastle TOMORROW doing a pod to benefit Planned Parenthood (@PPact). tix at http://bi ...
RT my film stars my wife & Bill Nighy @seventeenmoras: Secret tip: 'Statuesque' Aust TV premiere, unbilled, on ABC1 tomorrow (Sat) at 20:20.
RT @DWMtweets: @neilhimself Hi Neil, Dr Who Magazine here. The new DWM is a special @rednoseday edition. The Doctor's back on TV in 1 we ...
@becca_darling mea culpa wonderful Becca. #moviestars
RT @BGFCentral: I'm proud to be one of the Good Fighters for @CBLDF (and the first profiled)! #FirstAmendment
i see that @pcraigrussell is selling his final page of Sandman 50. It's my favourite.
@amandapalmer Which did you choose? #yes
@amandapalmer Always. (Although I'm wondering now what the other two were.)

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