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Saturday, March 12, 2011

From Twitter 03-12-2011

@josiahgould thank you! I think the SIM card may just be old and failing...
@kellyohl But the wording on the Red Cross wesite no longer says that:
@melissa_marr Whoo. You should try killing comics characters sometime.
@valindaborders You know, I wasn't there, but I really don't think God made the boats, the trains or the houses.
Okay. That was my 24 hours back on Twitter. It was fun. Almost over, and gone for another week...
Before I go, 1 last plug for @BGFCentral's Kickstarter. It's here - More info here - Support her.
@melissa_marr We'll blame your ghost writers.
@gloom303 Yes. But it's an 8 year old unlocked phone that's having no problem with any other SIM.
@pamela_ho Alas no. But I bet I will be in China again. And you and @magicbabening have an open invitation here.
@Sarag_Monster that too.
Sleep now. Up in 3 hours to take 2 girls on holiday, & see my wife for the first time in 6 weeks. I have a huge anticipatory sort of a grin.
RT @maureenjohnson: Did you see that we have SIX signed first editions of The Graveyard Book signed by @neilhimself, courtesy of HarperC ...
RT @PageFortyFive: ANYA'S GHOST loved by @scottmccloud & @neilhimself. @hopelarson fans, look! ...
@marcusbrig send me a copy when it's done?
@raliel brilliant.
@stormcloude are you also boycotting the major publishers who are forbidding ANY ebooks to libraries?
There are few things as dreamlike as blizzardy Minneapolis airport at 5am with the shivery people arriving in shorts, sandals & tshirts.
The people dressed in shorts & sandals are all heading off to sunnier places. As are Maddy, her friend & I. But we're dressed warmer. #snow
RT @fpinternational: a 5th volume of @neilhimself 's Absolute Sandman from DC? Oh yes...
Goodbye Twitter for another week. Normally I'd say something here about not breaking the world in my absence, but this week that'd be wrong.
LOOK! NEW BLOG ENTRY A quick in and out: posted by Neil

This is just a wave. I was in China... WARNING:Contains me
RT @neverwear: new @neilhimself Michael Zulli print up
(and a shout-out to @BGFCentral )
RT @neverwear: @neilhimself @michaelZulli print up now, order now, take $10 off:

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