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Friday, February 25, 2011

From Twitter 02-25-2011

@proverb_jackson I love Gorey!
@tpstigers Take good care of that PoolCue. You will need it when the Messiah comes. #afraidofmyunconcious
@ailuridae But I twittered the probable bogusness the moment I discovered it...
Was amazed tonight when @maddyg44 ate sweet-potato/Tofu/buckwheatpolenta/tamarind casserole. And then ate more of it. Bafflingly gratifying.
@frankieMagazine Now that one *I'd* love to know the answer to... #9 #AFPfrankie
@foresthouse It was amazingly simple. About 5 minutes prep time and 55 mins cooking time in a casserole dish in an oven.
@wilw sure. It was really good. (Also, next time you come out this way, prepare for inventive veggie cooking...). I'll stick it on my blog.
@atomic_love Where do you think I got it from?
So how exactly does a US county go about seceding from a state?
@sarcasticmrfox So they would need the assent of the legislature of Arizona...
RT @FreonTrip: Oh, and here's a page detailing aid information and current info for Christchurch. #earthquake
@Coolyo05 You don't count the article about the Oscars I wrote for the Observer last year?
@chaosfdl Oh! I remember Franklin!
@miravee Yup. Very vegetarian.
@michaelhimself hurrah!
@amandapalmer - I like this one better.
@amandapalmer my vote is still for #2.
@sorchas_swans I don't think I do outvote everybody. @amandapalmer will pick what she likes best...
@Daisyface1 I think she wants as many votes as she can get...
I'm thrilled to announce I'm now a patron of the Bookend Trust. Watch me and @amandapalmer in wildlife video #TASMANIA
@AnneBillson I just hope it's programmed to say "Danger Will Robinson..." A LOT.
@Boopetta but #YouWereWarned
@cindypon I LOVE Chengdu!
I love both of these Last Suppers. But I like the top one best, for obvious reasons...
@Petterkopp Ah, did you read the next tweet along?
Oops. I #neilwebfailed the @bookendtrust's website. The video on the site is still up on YouTube:
@theanalogdivide I think it's incredibly disappointing.
@BornThisWayEmma It still makes me happy that @amandapalmer and I are married. Glad to spread the joy...
@braincooksidea might help...
@braincooksidea apology accepted
@cjameshyatt I agree.
The kind of article about the nature of SF and "realism" that makes you think. It's by @tedgioia at
@SheaMackenzie not a problem.
@infoactivist I think it's disappointing. But cannot imagine this will be the end of the matter. (Also, I wish the US had PLR.)
@FrankManInBlack Tell her I hope she wins!
Tried out two pairs of "bifocal contacts" today. One pair let me see close up, one at a distance. Don't quite get where the bifocalness is.
@RockSaltUK that's an option, and one I might try with these, actually.
@pedrovanzella I don't think I am. One set is monthly, one's disposable.
RT grin @samwdowning: Pff bifocal. Those contacts should just admit they're homofocal.
For the curious: What bifocal contacts are and how they work, Or, um, don't actually;
@MotleyHippie I posted a link to how they work.
Lots of you pointing out I can use one in each eye, & yes, I know this ( & have). But I liked the idea of working bifocal contact lenses.
@ladylately all I know is that these contact lenses definitely are not straight. @samwdowning
@CassandraNeace #fridayreads Today I'm rereading Anthony Yu's translation of Journey to the West. & proofing AMERICAN GODS 10th Anniversary.
@asobu_designs Yes. I love glasses, but I lose them. All the time. I put them down and forget about them...
@artemisdesari Well, it's the bifocal and the progressive lenses I tried today...
@annerichmond You are welcome.
This Tweet is to let @hayleycampbelly* know that I'll be making hummus from scratch for the 1st time ever today. * read
@thrynkat How weird. That was exactly how I did it. #hummus
@thrynkat It's very smooth.
@acrollermom Really good. I started exercising and lost lots of weight and got fit. Wife's in Australia & I miss her.
RT @MitchBenn: The Mitch Benn Music Podcast No 2: now available at (and iTunes when it refreshes)...
The 2 best podcasts I've only just started listening to: Judge @hodgman's & @MitchBenn's
RT @jackschofield: RT @gcluley New Backdoor Trojan for Mac OS X discovered. Info and images of OSX/MusMinim here: ...
@fablor Hearses go forward and in reverse. #ReverseAHearse
@lotuselyse I must use these powers only for good. But that one's so tempting.
@Bonusmom will do...
@dillhero This is true. There was a mysterious jar of it in the fridge.
@dillhero Really astonishingly good, actually.
@richpilkington Yup. But until they start making disposable glasses I'll spend my life unable to find the bloody things.
RT @amandapalmer: EDINBURGH, RT! have a 3-4 bdrm house for rent or real-estate hook-up? ALL OF august, hit me: edinburgh (at) amandapalm ...

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