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Saturday, February 26, 2011

From Twitter 02-26-2011

@annejohn Yes. I should repost the porridge...
@_the_fox Do you read the novels you've written once you've done the 1st draft?
@ChazFrench Only that I'm amazed at how much people believe what they read on the internet. And
Just finished a somewhat mammoth blog. @wilw, it contains the recipe you wanted.
@ohkayewhatever Me too. I feel like I failed them.
@paulandstorm me too. I'm now going "Well, in spring we'll bring more beehives to the world". But this is the first year we've lost them all
@ianlhayes episode 4 of the next season
@ktchan21 that is how it is pronounced, yes...
@If_I_fell_ But all they'd do at a dinner party is bitch that I hadn't written their story.
@LaMaupin is an even better book, but you should find a cheaper copy than the ones on Amazon...
LOOK! NEW BLOG ENTRY One of those slightly random too-long posts filled with peculiar stuff ... WARNING:Contains me
@ralfharing no.
@IsaChandra It's a wonderful book! And I love recipe books best when I can go "Ah, right, that sort of thing!"
@S0CI0PATHETIC you are welcome! I'd ordered two as gifts and they arrived too.
@avec_une_clef their tongues wiggle like worms...
@typertist Two is my limit...
@Ronfinite I wonder where it got it from.
@nataliefisher Actually, I do meet people, despite what @amandapalmer says. But compared to the number of people she meets, it's negligible.
@janellezed Disappointing. I think publishers and libraries should work on a licensing system that makes everyone happy. & the US needs PLR.
@fgg23 not.
@IsaChandra You're really welcome. I just made your Cashew-Miso-Mayo too. It's wonderful.
@RachaelRossman Me too. Thanks...
@viindias No, "poke" is what happens on Facebook. This is Twitter.
@dychri yup.
@spacedlaw in what way strange?
This is tweet 19,999. I wonder what my 20,000th tweet will say. (Also, I'm off to China on Sat & will be off the twitternet for 3 weeks.)
@amandapalmer Thank you, my darling. I love you with my whole heart. Now go on & rock. (It's my 20,000th Tweet. I'm glad it was this.)
@scanner_markly But I do answer direct questions. Most of that is complete bollocks. Also
Dear Twitternet. You'll have to get along without me for 3 weeks. I will say hello to China for you. Do not break the West while I'm away.

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