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Thursday, February 24, 2011

From Twitter 02-24-2011

@Shazzackelee @frankieMagazine I don't think that being married is ever going to stop her from kissing fans or being in photos. #AFPfrankie
In this searing expose, CNN reveals the horrifying truth behind the Geek a Week trading cards:
@MissyNH because she is alive
RT @thingsgretasays: Arriving in Geneva was extra exciting because there is a gathering of wizards!
@nihone2012 I won't set the bees on you.
@lil_sushikins No thank you.
@swampers that's what @Glinner says too.
@yepicturepalace yup. Each bee has a butler.
The complete @geekaweek auction (benefits the EFF and Child's Play): includes signed @feliciaday Guld comic & MY HONEY
@EwaSR I share your #warmhappyglow
Down at the dead hives. Lola looks happy.
@phoenixtheblade I've no idea. I never worry about Highbrow or Lowbrow, just about good stories.
@annejohn If you see any good ones, let me know...
@Nelkitty No, I thought I was brilliant and that one day the world would see it. I wasn't brilliant, of course, but eventually I got decent.
My friend photographer Kimberley Butler writes of her meeting with Gadaffi in 1989... #libya
Also, this is the single ickiest most horrormovie newspaper story I've seen in, well, months... #YouWereWarned
@Muserrr I have to pass on this round of @twitchange as I'll be away from Twitter & internet for a month. But I enjoyed doing it last time.
@capnmarrrrk If I'd put COMPLETELY AWESOME I'd've spent the rest of the night apologising to people who were freaked out.
@glenatron Good call.
Hmm. Alerted by @glenatron I googled further, and discovered this: #OhWell #YouWereWarned
Compare and contrast and Discuss the use of Orwell's 1984 & its relevance to computer marketing.
@vixy There will be a test afterwards. All 1,521,560 of you will be graded.
RT fair enough. @dotterel: Neil! May we ask a favour? Our unique offer for aspiring writers needs publicising:

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