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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

From Twitter 02-23-2011

Posted without comment or explanation
@lanestriker I love it. Except when they don't make it through the winter, and I am sad.
@johnnyTweeter Occasionally. Only given in to the impulse once today.
@nataliefisher Yup.
@gildedbat Astonishing! #bpal
The hive-mind of Twitter is amazing. One of you guessed not only generally what it was, but figured out exactly what it was...
@shawnhoefer possibly.
@Spin0za1 just watch me.
If anyone reading this is going to tonight's Aukland @amandapalmer gig, & you run into her, would you mind telling her I love & miss her? Ta
RT hmm... @abhishekrocked: Twitter makes you love people you have never met & facebook makes you hate people you actually know.
@thatkkbitch Another 19 days. but who's counting?
@peterstraubnyc Peter, you jocular wag... We will see you in New York in April, I hope.
@warriorspoet Normally yes. This winter was too much for them, though.
@GennyAstartiel thank you!
@peterstraubnyc BRILLIANT!
@stephenfry I'm so pleased @molly23 got to sing her song to you. (I had assured her that you are just as lovely in person as in her song.)
@peterstraubnyc "I crack myself up!"
@peterstraubnyc I read it. I BLURBED IT, for it is awesomely wonderful. Also @MARIADAHVANA sent candies. But that did not influence me.
@peterstraubnyc @kylecassidy I knew Peter Straub before he was a Television Starlet. #theOldenDays
@peterstraubnyc Also, email me the story, you jocular wag.
@MARIADAHVANA lady, without candies, none of that plotting or cunningly placed adjectives would have worked their magic @peterstraubnyc
@peterstraubnyc I heard you quit I DREAM OF JEANNIE because the network wouldn't let you show your navel #theOldenDays @kylecassidy
@MARIADAHVANA @peterstraubnyc not just caramels, Peter. BLOOD ORANGE Caramels. I'd blurb the Inverness Phone Book for Blood Orange Caramels.
@amandapalmer check your email darling.
Things I like: Steve Powers' "Daily Metaltations". Little thoughts about life painted on metal.
@Markgatiss Oh! So sorry to hear it.
@sebmodio Depends how big the type, how many times I'm going to read the book and if I have to carry it anywhere.
@amandapalmer (big silly grin). Goodnight my wonderful wife. I hope you and Jason have an excellent gig tonight.
RT @kristieaddison: My friend Josh needs a date urgently for tonights @AmandaPalmer show at kings arms. Free ticket and hot stud up for ...
@toreadora You obviously don't follow my wife. Now SHE tweets...
@6oclock Sorry I got irritated. Deleted grumpy tweets.
Time for bed. Well, it's time for bed here. Probably where you are it's time for breakfast. Or teatime. Or Thursday.
@suzirockchic You're right. Not even in Kiribati.
RT @sptweets: @neilhimself please RT? Cheers mate. Any #chch folks need a place to stay? Anyone, anywhere, got a bed to spare? http://qu ...
@snouty probably Sandman 8.
@Tah_Dahh thank you!
@ogamu Lovely. Thank you!
@KellyDMcC - beautiful.
RT I did @jnntrpp: Thought you'd like to read Tom Baker's Tribute to Nicholas Courtney.
@MrPunchUK you definitely are!
@RBWUncleRock I'll see you al there. Wish I could be at the Hall of Fame induction...
@snouty that's the one.
RT @warrenellis: @amandapalmer Hey, take a look at these art prints sold for #eqnz charity, I think you'll like:
@chrisfeyrer Neither. If I'd known him, I would have said something. Just thought he was marvellous on the telly since I was 7.
@BarKarma @ENYMPH I saw a @StupidFunWill presentation on Bar Karma and it looked great. I'm thrilled to be considered a distant ancestor.
@snouty Writing enough. Your first quarter million words you sound like other people...
@chizchizchiz it's the beauty of Tweetdeck. Are you doing better?
@drfreex you are welcome ( I hope you got it at $29).
@Fainora I don't know.
@whatakuriosgirl I wrote all but two of Aziraphale's, and two of Crowley's.
@BenFolds your wedding gift arrived! I'm waiting until @amandapalmer and I are in the same place to open it. But thank you!
I just took this accidentally while trying to figure out if the camera was on. Wish i could take photos like this on...

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