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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

From Twitter 02-22-2011

LOOK! NEW BLOG ENTRY In Which I am worried by an Earthquake, and Memories of a Reproductive ... WARNING:Contains me
@brianjshoopman No, you can still donate even when it's made its target.
@ernestorivera because he was 8.
@liviayorke Happy Birthday. I hope it's even better than last year.
A call for papers for a book on Feminism and me:
@ohkayewhatever It's probably the red leather jacket.
@cozyrat Memory plays tricks, becca.
@FunnyShorts I wonder if he'd write an essay for it.
@CosmosGirl you're welcome.
@NickZbu I have absolutely no idea. I just twittered the link & know nothing more about it.
RT Sigh. And condolences. @AMcKenzieWriter: Prime Minister has just confirmed 65 now dead in #Christchurch.
@FunnyShorts well, the book is nothing to do with me at all. I just twittered the link.
@feanorians That reads a lot like you're pretending I haven't tweeted about Libya today in order to make yourself feel better.
All the people asking about the Feminism book. I know NOTHING about it apart from the link I posted. Please address questions there.
@anewshadeofred She does, although I don't know that Bod ever learned it.
RT Can't wait to read this... @JonathanStrahan: Nice solid review of the Year's Best from PW:
Time to sleep. Will leave you with the photo of me writing on @amandapalmer from FRANKIE. Hope I wrote something good.
@BookaliciousPam you can donate to the New Zealand Red Cross at
@dychri I don't actually know Eddie.
@dychri (I mean, I like his comedy. But we've never met or corresponded. And 99% of my follows are that.)
RT @thinkgeek: YES, we're *actually* auctioning honey from @neilhimself's bees & #GeekAWeek cards *are* real http://j ...
@scumberland fingers crossed for you.
RT @GeekAWeek: #GeekAWeek Ebay auctions include items from @alyankovic @donttrythis @neilhimself @feliciaday @wilw @nerdist and more! h ...
@hollyherself I am happy that you steal my socks, daughter.
@GestaltMash *I* thought it was funny, and that people would ask WHO he was laying...
@saraloug ...and?
Congratulations to Michael Zulli for making his Kickstarter target!
@brianjshoopman jesus!
@GestaltMash Especially given his previous conversation about his hammer and what it did when you rubbed it.
Today I have to finish the proofread of the 10th anniversary AMERICAN GODS galleys. So strange to read a book like this.
Nebula Award nominations announced: congratulations to the nominees!
@chizchizchiz Hang in there. #LOFNOTC
@santonicus Yup. Galleys arrive. On paper. And you write corrections on them. It's BRILLIANT.
@nzipsi It's out in the US as an ebook...
@ferretthimself I've seen three or four just today... No wonder I wake up exhausted...
@LaMaupin About a decade ago:
@chizchizchiz I'm in the US, watching Christchurch from a distance...
@suzannecarsberg @J_DIMPS maybe.
RT @J_DIMPS:i'll keep beggin and beggin (since im 80 and have nothing better to do!) Please get me votes!
@yorkshire_chris Is that a joke? #NZearthquake
@TheSarahBiz Most of the typos have been caught, but I'm still spotting things, yes.
@ironnoir it's longer.
@TheSarahBiz It helps not to have read it for a decade.
Just a reminder about the amazing things in the @geekaweek auction (for 2 good causes). I donated Honey.

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