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Monday, February 21, 2011

From Twitter 02-21-2011

RT [A savoury spread. According to my wife it tastes like this: ] @deniwilson: what is Marmite? What does it taste like?
@cindypon I do. On rice crackers and in soups/stews...
@lklinger Oh Les! That's awful!
@cindypon you need to like savoury-salt-umami things. i like Marmite & Vegemite (NZ "Marmite" less so)
@steven_moffat My work here is done, Steven. (Bows gracefully. Then trips over a chair.) #hittingMarmitewithaSpoon
@Deathzmeasure I never understood that one. They apologised a lot.
Right. I shoveled the snow from my path. Then went next door & shoveled their walk as well. The dogs mostly sat wherever I needed to shovel.
RT Easy. Discworld OZ! @NullusAnxietas3: is there any chance you could tweet about the Australian Discworld Convention?
@mrdatahs tomorrow, many paths will be snowblowed. Tonight, it's shovels all the way.
@WoodsmanHans You'll have paths to snowblow tomorrow, Hans...
@J_DIMPS I already RTd your wish for followers, didn't I? I think on trips to Disney, you're on your own... But Good Luck!
@Stenciltshirts Yes
@badmotherfather you say that like it's a bad thing.
LOOK! NEW BLOG ENTRY Snow. And the Holly Naming Conversation Redux: posted by Neil

It's sno... WARNING:Contains me
@nataliefisher Nope. I use Twitter's native app for Android. Tweetdeck on the desktop.
@nataliefisher Sure. I visited a few times when it Borders had their flagship store and head office there. (They may still do.) Nice place.
@KimBoekbinder sending love, Kim. #MapofTasmania #Life
@bethofalltrades I will investigate and report back, milady.
RT @sleepnomorenyc: @amandapalmer @neilhimself All newlyweds should visit a clairvoyant. Ring to confirm appt. Limited availability. htt ...
@ryanlibbert they own them...
@GenusUnknown @sleepnomorenyc @amandapalmer I'm not. I'm giving publicity to the best Theatrical show I've seen in the last 18 months.
@solarcat beautiful!
@amandapalmer you were really pretty even back then.
For the curious, @sleepnomorenyc is my favourite piece of amazing theatrical installation-ness: PUNCH DRUNK's mashup of macbeth & hitchcock.
@fablor don't tell @amandapalmer that!
Sending good wishes to the protestors in #Libya. (And Wisc. protestors, at least no-one's shooting at you from planes.)
@blake I'm pretty sure @Comixology is bringing Sandman out month by month.... @mojobaer @margaretfrancis
@t_b0t It really does, doesn't it. But you mean stalk in the nice way, not in the boil-my-bunny sort of way. #IHaveNoBunny
@jasonwebley Have a wonderful time. Hug Amanda for me. Will Hera be there?
@titfan whither @amandapalmer goest, I shall go.
RT @AleGuidoni: Margie and Tulip are sweet dogs scheduled to die on Feb 23 (in LA) if not adopted! RT, please!!!
RT So, can we crowdsource 300 million dollars? @bleedingcool: Help Nathan Fillion Buy Firefly!
RT Anyone in Cardiff help?@ellenstarbuck: forget to get my tickets for the comiccon in cardiff this sat+prebooked tickets aren't on sale..
THIS IS COOL: Amazon reduced the glorious 3-book Gahan Wilson 50 yrs boxed set from $125 to $29! (I did the intro)
@JacquiPybus So it's much cheaper to buy the US one and have it shipped...
@mcsamal he has a contract with his publisher. Not with you.
@amandapalmer @jasonwebley Oh god. Sending worried love.
More on the amazing Michael Zulli Kickstarter here
I'm not in Christchurch, but @amandapalmer, @jasonwebley @herasings & @southships are. And yes, I'm kind of worried. #NZearthquake
@daikininz No, she's actually in Christchurch right now.
@rbtcollins oh good.
Make that just @herasings and @jasonwebley in Christchurch. Amanda & Eric were on their way to the airport to fly there when earthquake hit.
RT @herasings: Huge earthquake! Bigger than the first. Catastrophic. Am with @jasonwebley and we are safe but shaken.
@herasings sending you and @jasonwebley love....
@daikininz fingers crossed...
@MyPinkMexicoMD Yes, and this one has caused a LOT more damage & desrtuction. See
Info on the Christchurch Earthquake Refresh for updates. Sending Everyone there good wishes & worried thoughts.
@FreonTrip Well, it's world-rending for the people killed and the buildings destroyed... #iamageologist
The NZ Herald website may be a bit fragile. Refresh at & hope... #Christchurchquake
@Comixace some reports of deaths so far...
RT @amandapalmer: here's a link to the NZ red cross. thank you... RT @Cylithria Let's NinjaGIVE to the people of Christchurch NZ! Visit ...
@SabrinaSSC already RTd this...
@FreonTrip According to local accounts, it's much worse, given the location and how shallow it is. People are dead, buildings collapsing.
@mwhybark and from @herasings
@freakymoonites I think about $5
@maggietranquila "multiple fatalities" per the police:
@Doctor_Rock per police "multiple fatalities"
@flatjean why?
"Multiple fatalities reported at several locations in Christchurch, including 2 buses crushed by falling buildings" per
@alyknits she's fine. She was in Napier airport about to fly to Christchurch when the earthquake happened.
@flatjean and clogging the embassy phone lines will do what exactly?
@oh_haha you mean like this from 8 hours ago?
@alyknits But my friends @jasonwebley and @herasings are in Christchurch... I'll worry about them for a while...
A reminder: you can donate to the New Zealand Red Cross at #christchurchquake
@kiwiana_inked good luck! #eqnz #christchurch
@twistopher Maybe. It also went up from 7000 to #19 on their charts, so maybe they sold the excess copies...
@chriskenny233 That's wonderful. I hope it shows up on YouTube.
@S0CI0PATHETIC Yup. It went up when they sold off their excess copies...

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