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Sunday, February 20, 2011

From Twitter 02-20-2011

RT makes a lot more sense @Nitchell: A lot of sex workers in NYC take issue with that article
@WJSpeakes You mean half my books aren't being pirated? That's odd. Don't people like them?
@morgy85 great photo!
@Nitchell I did like the sidebar in the original article about the rredundancy of Pimps, though. Hope that's true.
@Kambrieldesign you know, if I keep losing this weight, we may have to redo some of the jacketty things. @fablor
@PinkieKai No, I'm following 666 people.
@PinkieKai it's a number. If you start at one and keep counting you get there eventually.
@Kambrieldesign I will. I noticed that my jacket with the gold lining was starting to get a bit baggy.
@TashaWords @Nitchell I would have thought that was pretty obvious. Although I like the idea of a world in which all sex workers are angels.
@scarybari If it's any consolation, MY biggest audience would have been for the 15 second CORALINE bit I wrote for the 2010 Oscars.
@HappyFunTime you're welcome. Did you enjoy #playdead?
@Nitchell you'll like Chester Brown's upcoming graphic novel PAYING FOR IT.
@scarybari Shh. The Writer's Guild make people disappear if they mention ALF.
"The National Book Festival Should Earn Its Second Day." I love this article. I don't actually want my own stage.
@theEndless Hi Adriana! @scarybari
@tomabernathy you missed me RTing that link immediately afterwards, then?
RT @PDXrox: If we cut Planned Parenthood the $$ saved could sustain the war for 3 hrs 51 mins. $75 mil for 800 clinics a yr or 4 hrs of ...
RT @BOBinterviews: #bandofbrothers cast to jump out of plane in aid of Major Dick Winters monument
In 1988 I curated a series of talks. Diana Wynne Jones, Geoff Ryman, M John Harrison, RamseyCampbell & I talk fantasy:
@marthacake He's a lovely man and one of the finest writers living. Say hello to him from me...
@WoodsmanHans it's only ten minutes old...
Blizzard started. I will work out to BLEAK HOUSE and not give a fig for it.
@andydiggle because the first one might actually be about something, and actually scary.
RT sigh. Yup. @birdchick: #Snowmaggedon is like a Rocky sequel RT @MPRnews: Delta has canceled hundreds of flights at MSP. #mnstorms #snOMG
@ladydraconix She was lovely.
@MecumHaiku that would be really nice of you!
@andydiggle We never persuaded the film companies that had CORALINE around the world of that...
@paulandstorm one of the many audiobooks. I don't seem to enjoy watching things while I work out.
@JBonner71 Yes.
@cozyrat you'd be VERY stuck here now. We're having a blizzard. I'm about to walk the dogs in it.
But it's FUN going "Yaargh! Snow!" Anyone who says Get Over It is missing half the fun of winter. @Celebr8nGenr8n @dromkeel
@dstarpro No. They're my favourite bit. FOG.
@Celebr8nGenr8n I enjoy it enormously. And I don't think I freak out about it. I celebrate it. I'd just hate to cavalierly dismiss it.
@deadlightsgirl thank you!
@Celebr8nGenr8n Apology accepted. I don't actually know anyone round here who freaks out about the snow in the way that you describe.
Walked the dogs. Slowly became convinced that this tree was watching me. (Or is an off-duty Ent.)
Love this shot of Lola emerging from the snow.
@Celebr8nGenr8n Out here, we shrug, don't drive in a blizzard if we don't have to, & my daughter keeps her fingers crossed for a snow day.
@yabfest I don't believe so.
I was going to hold off on this Michael Zulli Kickstarter until he had more images up, but it's getting funded fast:
@JBonner71 It's a great story. Have you read Ackroyd's Chatterton? (might not want to if you're writing your own.)
@amandapalmer see? RT @katemckinnon:
@JohnCarlisle Malcolm Jones III's sister, I think.
@mazziemo I believe so.
@maddyg44 you may get your wish. I just dug out the path and there's a lot of snow out there.
RT Do not blaspheme the Marmite! @usuallydenotedc: @neilhimself @amandapalmer @katemckinnon that's not jesus, it's pareidolia!!!
April 27th in New York. I'm going to be hosting (& reading a story at) an NPR SELECTED SHORTS at Symphony Space.
@joe_hill It really is. Kickstarter makes the world a slightly madder, happier place.
Also if you hit Marmite with a spoon, it turns white. Evidence of Peculiar Holiness, or just boring old science?
@ohkayewhatever I feel like I ought to bring the dogs, now...
@MorganJLocke that was sarcasm.
@LodovikoZ Twice shall thou not smite it, nay, nor a hundred times...
@ohkayewhatever Looking forward to thanking you in person.
@oodkind I just shoveled for 15 minutes. Will go out at midnight and do it again.
Over at @pcraigrussell has some behind the scenes sketches from SANDMAN:DREAM HUNTERS up. They're lovely.
And for those of you wondering what the science behind Marmite going white when you hit it with a spoon actually is:
@boymonster English Marmite doesn't contain sugar. That's that weird stuff they call Marmite (that isn't) from New Zealand.

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