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Saturday, February 19, 2011

From Twitter 02-19-2011

Asked whether Kickstarters I pushed got funded: Some eg.
@brahypi I will.
RT @bstiteler: @neilhimself I really wish you would mention that people who's kickstarters aren't funded get set on fire.
LOOK! NEW BLOG ENTRY The King of Pain Explained. An Absence of Northern Lights.: posted by N... WARNING:Contains me
@stucow sorry
@jeabeuse I can't get that link to work...
@maclir she is amazing isn't she? I get @amandapalmer back in 22 days.
@zeblamb none at all. They let Roger and me go when David Fincher came on. Then he left.
RT Sockpuppet astroturf intel @Glinner: The HB Gary Email that should concern us all (via @BoingBoing)
RT @robinmckinley: That's a comfort. :) RT @AdviceToWriters Though fame is a help in selling books, it is of small use in writing t ...
@AnastasiaR you could see @EvelynEvelyn at the Evelyn the night before...
@NotRyanMcGiffin yup.
@sarah_hatton I'm sorry. Sort of. #storytime #armourpierced
RT I just backed this: good art for a good cause @kellibickmanart: Kickstarter: The Banner Project, Youth Mural Arts:
@AbbyWilde I'm SO pleased! #RobotHuckFinn
@FrenchGuy31 I think it just moved to episode 4
RT Last Good Cause of the day @jeabeuse:
@flockofwords made of utter and complete shambling win. @RozKaveney #zombiesonnets
@kellyasterisk Do you *have* a newsfeed? I thought this was Twitter. Ah well. How many posts a day am I allowed before it becomes Spam?
@jackschofield I liked that bit. Was less impressed by claims that people get fired or hotel upgrades cos they're big on Metatwitter...
I really like these. @RozKaveney's Zombie Sonnets. They start at Feb 3rd. There is not enough Formal Zombie Poetry.
@flockofwords I agree.
@AdamWieland My work here is done! (Rides off into the sunset.)
@jackschofield Interesting. I've never been approached by anyone. A few times good things have happened because people read my Twitter, tho.
@fablor I don't see anything on the radar though.
@TempleofAnubis um... nothing?
@jennsutherland Ordered a pair. Will report back.
@TempleofAnubis Seems a bit pointless. I'd not try and follow over 1000 people. I'd never notice if 200,000 people unfollowed me. #Ymmv
@TempleofAnubis I've been following you for years, But you're followed by 3 times as many people as you follow. How do you feel about that?
@TempleofAnubis So will you be putting up a list of "approved" celebrities? And how will you decide who "does it for ego"?
@TempleofAnubis But "interesting" is the only reason to follow anyone. Or Nice. I'll follow nice people sometimes.
@TempleofAnubis I don't think it has hit a nerve. Pretty much all of the hashtag is just you talking about it.
RT Me, 20 years ago. @thejillthompson: here's a portrait I did of @neilhimself for a magazine interview way back.
@thejillthompson - That was my beloved old leather jacket that was auctioned off for the @CBLDF. & my BONE Tshirt.
Seriously fascinating set of statistics from WIRED on the New York sex business.
@janewiedlin you say the nicest things.

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