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Friday, February 18, 2011

From Twitter 02-18-2011

LOOK! NEW BLOG ENTRY Catch Up (and Entitlement Issues once again): posted by Neil

I just re... WARNING:Contains me
@SamuelEllmer Always. They were published by DC Comics, where they spell colour without the U.
@SamuelEllmer I spelled everything my way and Todd Klein lettered it to US spelling.
A free book, all of March, because someone watched my YouTube video. I hope lots of people will download it, & like it.
I miss my antipodean wife. Luckily the universe (well, ABC) throws me things like this, though, which help, a bit:
@kylecassidy It's weird. I still expect to see her in the attic, and hear her mwelping.
If you're in Australia, the latest FRANKIE Magazine interviews me and Amanda. We say stuff.
@spycom I love people who buy used books. They are readers and part of my tribe. @cmpriest @BrandSanderson
@Jschancellor you're welcome! Best of luck. Remind me in March when it goes up & I'll try to remember to plug it again.
@PinkTribble I'm not a legend, but happy birthday.
@UKinUSA Thank you! Also, thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you. (Did I say thank you?) #ILoveMyEmbassy
The most dangerous man in England, @MitchBenn, has a new Music Podcast up on his website (& iTunes) #hurrah!
@Tatimil - Glad it got to you safely.
RT @berkeleyside: There's a great chance that Dark Carnival will reopen Comic Relief, w Michael Chabon cheering it on:
@mlberry me too. Still miss Rory.
@Nelson_B I don't own Sandman, I'm afraid.
Listening to @MitchBenn podcast. It's great: his Radio 7 funnysong show done new. I want to point all my friends who make funny songs to him
@Molly23, @paulandstorm, @jonathancoulton, @theJAargument, check out @MitchBenn's Podcast. Send him songs.
@ElleBelle1314 thank you!
@LenWein it's as good as you'd imagine...
@hanachronism It was even soooooooo90s when it was being broadcast.
@ElleBelle1314 Not yet. It'll be #4 of the next series.
@the_mattblair Oops. Yours was "Can't She Stay" wasn't it? That was evil.
RT (I'm in this!) @EllenKushner: New post: Help us get "Witches of Lublin" on your local npr station:
@deadlyknitshade I didn't. But I will.
Right. An 8 ft long squid knitted out of plastic bags goes to the Natural History Museum at @deadlyknitshade @wen1965
@the_mattblair and funny.
RT @deadlyknitshade: My giant knitted squid! *waves tentacles wildly* Thanks for tweeting him! Not 8 ft but 8 metres of tentacled terror!
Quick show of hands. I read this & checked this I think it's all bollocks. Agree? Disagree?
RT sigh. I know @MichaelJBoyes: 8ft would be fanyastically underwhelming in a spinal tap way. 4 plastic bags and a bin liner. #yeahitsasquid
@YaleLawyer I linked to mine, because it's mine. A funnier one would probably have been
RT @passioneer: I feel Klout is the back wall of the net's bike shed where people go to have pissing competitions. Pointless & a bit smelly.
RT Good point... @olganunes: Do you imagine that's the sort of article that was written straight from a press release?
Unscientific count gives us 90% Bollocks, 5% bollocks but... & 5% agree. Oops, hang on, 1 agree just changed her mind.
Ah. I just found real Klout popularity: "You can't get any more influential than this. People hang on your every word"
@KurtBusiek I agree, Thought Leader Kurt.
@JackieJack The bollockiest bit was probably "people with good Klout scores get magic hotel room upgrades".
RT @KurtBusiek: @neilhimself You may not communicate with me at present, Thought Leader Neil. My purple light is not illuminated.
@sarahdope I fear that you are right....
Doctor Who, a comic, by @beatonna, who has never seen Doctor Who. (via @olganunes)
@MitchBenn Yes. But after I met you I started hanging around with dodgy musical types. And look what that led to.
@jackschofield Hmm. @peerindex looks a lot more accurate. And less likely to claim that people get fired or upgraded because they score high
@BilliamCas ... in a NICE way? @olganunes @beatonna
RT @neverwear: tonight is the Wendy auction at Cha Cha Lounge in Silverlake, LA people, please join us! 5:30-8 pm...hope to see you there.
@KurtBusiek Good job, Thought Charioteer.
@greenkitsune I know Kate's stuff. I even sort of know Kate.
John Skipp is trying to Kickstart raise $245,000 in 5 days to make a 3D zombie puppet musical. Will he succeed?
@olganunes I love Kate's comics.
@fablor No, Ubertwitter and Twidroyd got cut off.
Dear All, no, I won't push any more Kickstarters today. 1 a day, at most. (Even that seems a bit much.) Supporting now.

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