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Thursday, February 17, 2011

From Twitter 02-17-2011

@amandapalmer How were the @Frankiemagazine photos?
@lyndonriggall I've had no trouble travelling with fountain pens, except for vintage ones with rubber inner inktubes that leak on planes.
@ebertchicago Not just a line from Good Omens, but one of MY lines from Good Omens. (beam.)
@MrTeller I saw it a couple of times 18 years ago. So glad it's still going strong.
@KatWithSword Not sure. Go, the next time you're in New York. Make Ellen and Delia go with you.
You can learn more about Play Dead at It's scary, funny, smart theatre, starring charismatic Todd Robbins.
@OlgaZelenova Absolutely.
@SamuelEllmer Try Dreamhaven Books first. It's amazing what Greg has in his basement there.
RT @RTtheClassics: RT @neilhimself: Once again it occurs to me that you could kidnap anyone by standing in an airport with a card with t ...
Small, helpful tweet for someone called Kyle W. You should consider asking @ohkayewhatever out. #VeryLateValentinesWossname
@AndrewBober as long as there's some disturbing in there somewhere.
@berkeleyside that's really happy-sad. I hope it's for the best...
@13ft I think that was this year's dating done with. Ask me on Feb 13th next year.
@3VillagePatch I've seen many very successful writer-writer couples and marriages. (Me? I'd not date another writer at gunpoint.)
Sleep for a few hours now. Then plane home. I can sleep more on the plane. #HowDidItGetThisLate?
@jfthuecks o:-) i came up with everything. It means life.
@kylejsnow Let me know how it goes.
RT @caseypitman11: @neilhimself My classmate's brother vanished on his way to find a job. Can you please retweet to Help Find Adam? http ...
@Noah87 Yup. Like that but twice as fat and so twice as human-sitting...
My taxi driver just told me that he agreed to take me to LaGuardia because " if 1st fare is a woman is bad luck all day." Now I feel guilty.
@ruby_danger me neither
@quippley it's new york. Maniacs is the default.
@_Roxie_ he's very serious. Has explained that all Ukraine taxi drivers know this. Attempt to persuade him otherwise has failed.
@elisabeth_pinto it would also be assault. And, given the design of this cab, impossible.
@davidrjroy he'd had that Yoko Ono in the back of his cab once.
@lkamsin Bad luck.
@kylecassidy I should've shaved...
@FuriousL this is the bozo who killed the light rail thing? Twerp.
@Valya so it's a Ukrainian thing?
@dandandaniels you'll love it.
@Valya every morning?
@CrnDffy actually, I have learned from twitter, I was complicit in Ukrainian Superstition.
RT @scarybari: @neilhimself Its a rhyme passed down thru the ages:"first fare a woman, bad luck all day;don't stop for the brown, the ha ...
@sarahhartshorne at 5 am they're ending a shift...
What I have learned this morning: 1) Ukrainian Taxi drivers are superstitious 2) Ukrainians throw porridge at the ceiling for luck.
RT @joe_hill: I'm signing & doodling 1,000 bookplates for the paperback of HORNS, & you can get 1 by preordering. Info: http://joehillfi ...
@BitterRuin give @brianviglione and @sxipshirey my love. In a gruff, manly sort of way.
@Valya pity. Every morning would AWESOME.
@lotuselyse only cos I never tweet the boring ones.
@Cosbert you must ask @Valya who told me about it this morning.
@SDuPreeBemis Now I feel even guiltier for not doing you a care package yet. How much longer are you on the road?
@daria_h that's heartbreaking!
@Anansi_ you must ask @Valya
On a plane. Half-way through writing a big blog entry I stopped to write a love letter to my wife. You can do that on planes these days.
@wilw me too.
@iamjoyceeee ask @neverwear
@RockingJamboree Hilarity might ensue.
@ivbulaev but @Valya says they do.
LOOK! NEW BLOG ENTRY What I did in New York, with a digression into fitness and daydreaming ... WARNING:Contains me
@PageFortyFive good to know!
@collie_h @FuriousL but he's good with the internal combustion engine and toasters? #WIafinefuturebehindus
@SteveNiles I wish!
@unbrokenrecord I'll be a guest on The Simpsons. Does that help?
NB All queries as to recipes for Ukrainian porridge & circumstances under which it's thrown at the ceiling for luck must be sent to @Valya.
Farewell cold winter. Hullo foggy marginally warmer winter.
@playdeadnyc British Monarch George V's reputed last words were "Bugger Bognor". #famouslastwords
@slayedest I'm glad it wasn't serious. (I did one of my Great Signing Disasters on Halloween at St Mark's.)
@suedy211 you must ask @Valya
@thekingghost grin
@UKinUSA Dear UK embassy. I need to go to China now. You have my old passport & I am waiting for a new one. Help. Signed, Worried Author.
RT @Valya: @neilhimself Blog post on The Sticky Subject of Kutia a.k.a. Ukrainian Porridge:
RT @alicia_stardust: New #BPAL CBLDF scent "Lemon Scented Sticky Bat" by @neilhimself @bethshepsut & label art by me! :) ...
If you want to smell like a lemon-scented sticky bat, while making money for the @CBLDF check out this new @BPAL scent:
@amandapalmer I wrote you a letter. In email. An emaily sort of a letter.
@mazziemo I don't, I'm afraid.
@aemmeleia - perfect!
@BeakerMeeps thank you, Beaker. meep ♥ @amandapalmer indeed.
@BeakerMeeps I couldn't have put it better myself.
@halften nope. One isn't a sequel to the other. They're very different sorts of books.
@charlottepines You're welcome! Loved @playdeadnyc and you were wonderful. Both in your coming and your going...
RT @SuzanEraslan: W. T. F. RT @lucyswope: "Japanese Restaurant Employs Masked Monkey Waiters" thank you and goodnight.
RT @MadameTalbot: New #BPAL scent & T-shirt THE LOVERS, for "15 Painted Cards from a Vampire Tarot" by @neilhimself & illustrated by me! ...
@CandyBandit23 Oh, lazy lazy journalists. Thank you.
@Glorieta I'm pretty sure @BPAL ships internationally... see
@thumbelinablues waves back...

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