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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

From Twitter 02-16-2011

@fablor So ridiculously proud of you, Quiche Medeadly.
@jonburpee They're all very different. If you want to see Shadow again, he's in a story in Fragile Things. Mr Nancy is in Anansi Boys. Sorta
@calieber Have never understood that one. Transworld put that typo in themselves.
@lyndonriggall I don't have a Hemingway. (I don't really like Mont Blancs. I leave the one I have at home.) But no. I am zen on Fount'n pens
@hodgman It was such a wonderful show. @jonesarah is amazing.
@natieness Not really. I bet @DaveMcKean does though.
@felipe_souza Yes, next time @amandapalmer comes to Brazil I want to come with her.
I got to be backer #2 on @BGFCentral's kickstarter. @neverwear was #1. Watch the video at even if you don't support it.
.@jonesarah's show was fabulous. She is a talent of rare artistry & generosity. Her next show's Feb 28, guest DJ Spooky
@fablor - It looks as if he's saying, "Please come home. @phdaisy does not snog me when you are home."
RT @isubatcenter: @neilhimself Loved the bat blog. Please RT this story about a terrible conservation concern facing bats? ...
Also finally got to meet @respektor after the @jonesarah show and tell her how her song "Us" inspired the Eternals book I did for Marvel...
@OneJohnnyDanger I wrote the novel, but only produced the movie.
@macleanbrendan just getting a server error on that right now.
RT @jonesarah: Loved @neilhimself @respektor talking post-show abt art as underground sustenance/conduit for resistance while undergroun ...
@itspogues I never asked.
@macleanbrendan I'm getting nothing right now. Just internal server errors from the links. Will try again tomorrow.
@takeowizard I REMEMBER THEM! er. I mean, not a format you see a lot of any more.
Goodnight Everything. If you secretly stop existing while I sleep & only start again when I wake up, do not tell me. I'll only worry.
RT I'll just RT this...@mollycrabapple: Happy Birthday to @warrenellis, Old Man of the Intrawebs. Nothing is true. Everything is retweeted
@RevFenian whew!
@jennypeahen thank you!
@rclarkie I am convinced I will somehow have to keep writing this episode even AFTER IT IS BROADCAST.
@Aug24 thanks!
@ApollinaryaV of course!
@DandQ was there meant to be a link attached to that?
@kevteljeur fair enough.
RT @DandQ: @neilhimself Neil Gaiman on Chester Brown's new book PAYING FOR IT and Chester's new cover...
I went to the Hotel Fitness Centre across the road & worked out. You have NO IDEA how unlikely this is. #BleakHouseWin
@chkltcow I'd forgotten that! How did you find out?
@DRayG79 I won't be muscly in the Simpsons version of me.
RT @AndyNY2 Even if you've read @neilhimself 's brilliant *Anansi Boys* get audiobook & listen as Lenny Henry @lenfunk7 brings it to life.
@whittles No. Just much skinnier & fitter. It is something to do while @amandapalmer is Down Under.
@suddensalvo Hmm. Send pictures/info to cat (at)
@juliangough You're welcome. Chester's a genius.
@Sofyan17 I dunno. Even the best kiss-up tweets never get more than a "thank you, how kind" back.
@emjrabbitwolf Depends on the young woman. Stardust, perhaps? Or Neverwhere?
@MegGFloyd you're welcome! Photo?
Just saw @MrTeller's Play Dead. If you are in New York, find a friend or loved one to hold onto in the dark, and GO. Trust me. #JustWow.

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