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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

From Twitter 02-15-2011

@amandapalmer I'm glad. I love and miss you, darling. See you in a month. Goodnight.
@froggy_mom_of_3 yup.what scared me was what the tooth fairy was going to make out of them.
@fairytalevegas best two redheads night ever.
@rclarkie even odder for me, Richard.
@lesliewaltzes yes
@raliel @froggy_mom_of_3 me too
To feel happy just watch @BGFCentral's kickstarter video at You don't even have to support her (but you probably will)
@froggy_mom_of_3 I don't think she was ever described when I was a kid. YOu had to figure it out for yourself.
@edietel not today. One Kicjstarter a day is more than enough. But I'll look at it...
RT @johncoulthart: Storm Constantine, @neilhimself, Colin Greenland & Josephine Saxton discussing Brit sf at the ICA, 1988: http://bit.l ...
At @jonesssarah's show. V sold out. Don't know which of Sarah's people will be interviewing me. Nor does she. Nervous but happy to be here.
@jonesarah break a leg!
Put an extra s in @Jonesarah in last tweet. Sorry.

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