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Monday, February 14, 2011

From Twitter 02-14-2011

@Tikabelle thank you!
You might want to go and look at @mariekehardy's feed as she lovingly but evilly eviscerates her Newspaper's Valentine's Day small ads.
RT @Kurt_Vonnegut: A purpose of human life, no matter who is controlling it, is to love whoever is around to be loved.
For Valentine's Day: @JoshRitter's song THE CURSE about a Mummy & the woman who loves him, & time (with Puppets)
@MARIADAHVANA I taught her that song when we were driving across Scotland. #trivia
RT @summerhorton: @neilhimself Would you please click/RT to help get little girl w/ Downs Synd out of mental institution&adopted by fami ...
@rose_brigid really? What did they say?
@summerhorton I hope it helps. Heartbreaking....
@crusherjoe I was just thinking that this was the 1st Jack Benny's Birthday in agesI haven't said anything about.(Maybe tomorrow) & to you
LOOK! NEW BLOG ENTRY Be my Valentine and Memories of a Very Fat Cat: posted by Neil

The tha... WARNING:Contains me
@rose_brigid Ah, embarrassing for them...
Goodnight you. And you. And her. And them. And you two in the corner.
@amandapalmer @alyankovic can it be gleet?
@NathanEnglanderi saw that you did it! Probably @jonesarah is working her way through all the Jewish writers there are, starting with us...
@amandapalmer @alyankovic also shouldn't that be happy venereal disease, without the Day?
@fairytalevegas you and @deadlightsgirl are beautiful, smart & funny & will be brilliant distractions i am sure.
@NathanEnglander It's true. I mean, some of us might die in the meantime, but more will undoubtedly be coming along...
@toria970 closer to Gaym'n.
RT @Rubywax: Hey @neilhimself, How are you? Just wondering if you could support us in ending #mentalhealth #stigma please? Please RT #ru ...
@toria970 you should have Googled it first.
@fivecats aw... and I am sure @amandapalmer wouldn't mind.
@dychri lose the final I
@Jon_Kirwan certainly one of my favourites.
RT great t shirt @librarycourtney: Sunday Midwinter entry with the @neilhimself photo and the @wawoodworth t-shirt:
Happy Valentine's Day world. Consider yourself snogged. #gladthatsoutoftheway #snoggage
@hayleycampbelly sorry the Hayley.
Certainly. @MomentOfMoore: A Moment Of Moore: take a look? any chance of a plug/tweet?
@hayleycampbelly it would make a great song title. And gnight.
@beecee crush them to DUST. Also, #snoggage.
@jonesarah @NathanEnglander Am I going to be the only English person on that stage?
@fisherwilliams that sounds about right. #Snoggage
@MitchBenn @hayleycampbelly exactly.
@JackieJack if it's any consolation, today has been mostly spent missing said wife.

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