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Sunday, February 13, 2011

From Twitter 02-13-2011

@phdaisy @JoanofDarkKnits @fablor so sorry!
@BabiesandBacon I enjoyed it!
@SommersPhD I hoped when I wrote it that it would change over time for people when they went back to it.
RT @3PennyBooks: @ManOfLaBook an interesting long quote from Neil Gaiman @neilhimself about free speech
I love this photo by @KellyDMcC of me and @naptownrg 3rd Alarm : A Study in Redeye
@richpilkington In the early days before the blog was robust. Never from Twitter.
Poppy! I only just noticed this photo. I have a snake blindfold, and a beautiful, blurry wife. (@docbrite)
@haylees_comet No, I never was. Not sure where people got the idea I was coming to NZ this time...
@StHadley I think DVDs, like CDs, are pretty much becoming an obsolete archival form. Sharing music won't bring back the 8 track either.
@knackeredwriter Neither. It just is. I mean, there's a tumblr dedicated to photos of my dogs...
@AmesDame I guess we have to get me to a @DMDerbyDames bout...
@DDragonDesigns the snake is @docbrite's.
RT (Poppy Z Brite & I in New Orleans in Nov) @docbrite: I have lots of good ones from that night. Here's another:
@DiscoD try the blog at It may help.
I just wrote a blog called In Which Two Things Are Done For the First Time, and We Encounter Bats. #Derby&StickyBats.
@mount_st_nobody I must have had a reason for following each, although in the early days it was just because people asked me to follow them.
@VandalLiza Loved it. Read the blog entry.
LOOK! NEW BLOG ENTRY In Which Two Things Are Done For the First Time, and We Encounter Bats:... WARNING:Contains me
@johnmaddening I'll do my best to come to one or the other of the bouts. (I'm sure that @fablor will be there, even if I am not.)
@poeticbulldozer that's really sad. I'm not sure what RTing it would do for him though.
Donate to a good cause. Help @donttrythis cheat at spelling. What could be better? It benefits
@Widgett It's a very different show back then. My all time favourite is still Elaine Stritch's first appearance.
@Marjorie73 I'll fix it.
@Jackzilla Vignette is wonderful, and better than the iPhone equivalents. Other than that, it's much of a muchness.
@ravenloxs you just gave me a great idea.
It's already Valentine's Day in Australia. I've just put the audio story of HARLEQUIN VALENTINE up for free on Last.FM.
RT @sharon: @neilhimself hey! how about supporting the librarians who love you! remember who gave you that award in 2009! http://tinyurl ...
@emjrabbitwolf Sandman. Lucifer spins off from it. #sandman #lucifer
@Baresark_Artist I don't think so.
Winner of this contest gets $10,000 for the pet charity of their choice. @Amackerb submitted her cat Boo
@ohkayewhatever perfect
@Matth3ous I think that, yes, it's generaly a bit non-good right now.
@biggayicecream Cicada and chili relish.

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