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Saturday, February 12, 2011

From Twitter 02-12-2011

@scarlettsiren it's by e.e. cummings.
@AudryT And did manga sales immediately recover?
@delbius You mean … is just one character? Wow.
@MarcyTanter With luck it helps them to obtain an audience who like their stuff, and who will buy the next release.
@delbius Are there easy ways to make these things happen in our tweets?
@delbius wonderful. Thank you!
@amandapalmer - You're all shaved! Also, I really miss you. I mean, even more than I did before I saw your photo.
LOOK! NEW BLOG ENTRY Death, and Free revisited.: posted by Neil

Dr Sketchy's is, according ... WARNING:Contains me
@yarnpr0n Nope, not involved with that. Mine's episode 4, next season.
Just did a great long blog with pix of beautiful women being Endless in & many thoughts about why Giving It Away works.
@amandapalmer I did not mean "you're ALL shaved". I meant "You're all SHAVED!" And I am glad you still have your map.
@indilflo thank you!
RT @matociquala: Here's where I give some stuff away, in the spirit of what @neilhimself was saying there, & also because it's fun: http ...
@DooneyStudio I'm sure I'm in there somewhere.
RT @neverwear: @neilhimself this shirt by @Jouniac will join the @Neverwear line, SuperCabal
w/$ going to wolf & tiger rescue. http://t ...
@Weise84 welcome aboard!
@ZMarriott And if 1/2 the people who like the books they find free, & wouldn't have bought them anyway, buy your next book? @AprilynnePike
I appear to be going to a roller derby match. I have checked my ID & it's me, all right. Very unlikely.
@starwynd I did!
The amazing @JoanofDarkKnits is explaining what I'm seeing. This is really fun. #neilgoestoderby
Here's @Fablor & @JoanofDarkKnits with Naptown & Eau Claire roller girls blurred in the background.
RT @fablor: @neilhimself @joanofdarkknits & @phdaisy pose for the time out! (Great bout so far!)
@byrneout sounds great! Thank you.
@BostonChick44 of course.
@LucindaLewis you are welcome.
@hollyherself let me know when you do. I'll plug it here for you.
@KFace I'm loving it.
RT @JoanofDarkKnits: Yay! @neilhimself with @naptownnrg third alarm!
@DrWhoExpert so many of them are my people.
@CVRollerGirls Thanks for your hospitality! I had a wonderful time.

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