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Friday, February 11, 2011

From Twitter 02-11-2011

@KellyDMcC I do not have enough hands to make a video...
Is the Winnie the Pooh room at the library still this sad?
RT oh good @tree_village: not at all, the walls have been painted with a mural of 100 Acre Wood, the characters looked quite at home. #pooh
RT and a photo! @persoconchii: as of November visit - it was looking really lovely #pooh
@Mikikona they did! See photo.
@Serenaderie really? #winniethepooh
@AudreyHam Ah. "Lottie the Otter." Well, that's bollocks for a start.
It is minus 19F outside. I ran with the white dogs in the moonlight & shadows and could not see them against the snow. Hypothetical hounds.
RT @Anonymoosh: Uninstalling dictator ... 99% complete ███████████████████████████░ Error 404 Freedom not Found
@indykitty sure.
@harpiesbrother no, I didn't make it up. I do not have much of an imagination.
@snouty I retweeted and pushed the jeff Jones movie here several times. Also talked about why the kickstarter pitch was poor, which it was.
Goodnight world. Goodnight wife. I love you both. In, you know, different ways.
@MotleyHippie they look sad because they are in a box, nit because they are old toys.
@adeljar thank you!
Interesting watching this interview go viral: Wish I could footnote it with this:
@OctoberDaniels I do first drafts by hand...
@kiehlmanniac I liked Aunt Maria and the Scriptwriter.
LOOK! NEW BLOG ENTRY Nasally Inserted Wake Up Kittens Redux: posted by Neil

Lots of great s... WARNING:Contains me
Did an amazing WiiYoga workout today with new game ( that felt like one of those draining @amandapalmer Yoga sessions
RT @fvphoto: The photoblog from the @neilhimself Dr Sketchy's is up! Features @stoya, @tessaquarium and @johnnyblazes.
@Matth3ous I was impressed with this one.
@grr_rar She does all sorts of yoga, but especially this:
@not_an_engineer That's pretty much my point.
@MarcyTanter I think obscurity is much worse for a writer than piracy.
@MarcyTanter I like my income. If I thought piracy was diminishing it, I'd be fighting. Remember that bit about Sales going up 300%?
Talking about giving things away for free, here's all THE GRAVEYARD BOOK, still on the NYT list. Listen for free at:
RT @luke88addis: 'EGYPT IS FREE!' 11.02.2011 - Pls RT
@luke88addis done!
RT @FrankLynnEsq: @neilhimself Reacting to piracy, Monty Python put their videos up on Youtube. It led to a 23,000% increase in sales. h ...
@Wikilla like this?
@CillinFrancis I've no idea. You should ask the shop.
@dinajames that used to be my position, too. Then I noticed that new territories were being opened up for me by illegal downloads.
@dinajames On the other hand, anyone SELLING people pirated ebooks deserves to lose their toes. #ohneilgaimanno
@dinajames Because I don't see it as harmful. I see it as promotion. Like the scoops of ice-cream they give you at ice-cream stores.
@mkazoo Me too. Enjoying the thing I linked to a LOT. Much better than Wii fit yoga.

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