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Thursday, February 10, 2011

From Twitter 02-10-2011

RT @amandapalmer: BYRON BAY RT!! Tonight! great northern! 8:30, AFP party w/ @KimBoekbinder, @theJAargument & the tin star! Tell everyone!
@Fiestywenchyone Buy volume 1 absolute and see if you like it. If you do, buy the other 3.
@macleanbrendan Do not worry Brendan: @amandapalmer & I are half a planet apart. And we'll hang a sock on the door if we need to make out.
@Tonkswyrda good.
@jwbstudios Great suggestion! I'll use it! Thank you!
@AbbyWilde I'll do better than that...
I just donated $80 to Kickstarter the definitively politically correct Adventures of Huckleberry Finn: Robot Edition
@Aquaman_SeaKing You know, the Skeates-Aparo-Giordano Aquamans are one of my favourite runs of comics ever.
@Kambrieldesign BRILLIANT!
@DooneyStudio So would I!
@kwmurphy Or you can ask me, next time we have dinner or something.
@cityoftongues didn't @fablor help? She's also fabulouslorraine (at)
@adamroan If you mean I'm not sure it says what you think it says.
@lnaturale Wait. you were there?
@damonbuxton of course!
@lnaturale It is indeed. Weird.
If anyone's looking for an artist/book designer, Dagmara Matuszak (who did Melinda & Anansi Boys limited) is wonderful
@EmilyJillette I would have retweeted them, but suspect I would just get sad people pointing out that they will not get them by V Day.
It's -20F so I just went outside with a cup of boiling water and threw it into the air. It exploded into snow. Happy. #GloriousScienceTricks
RT I failed. Not enough arms and too dark. If it gets this low by day, I will. @AshamanJer: ...wish you would have capture this on video!!!
@TheMovieGod Water has to be really close to boiling. The temp has to be well below about -15F. Then you throw it in the air.
@bher_ga probably the same thing. Look on YouTube.
RT Exactly. @geetadayal: @neilhimself wow. that reminds me of this (rather amazing) video:
@KaylooHollywood Define inspiring?
@bethofalltrades @stevenmitchellw is WHAT?
@bethofalltrades @stevenmitchellw Well, that explains a lot. Well, at least you and Kayla are both straight as a die.
@Aug24 or pretty near. Warm water just goes splosh.
@bethofalltrades #hohohomohumor
@thejillthompson If it gets that cold by day and I have someone around to film it, absolutely. Or you could come here and film me.
@barb_lorenzo seriously.
@mates331 I don't. I think it highlights the foolishness of the people who want to remove words from Huckleberry Finn.
@bethofalltrades which is odd, because I came down your mom's chimney last night.
RT @SelectedShorts: The host of Magical Realism: The World of Marvelous Stories on April 27 will be @neilhimself!
RT Save Poe Museum? Or make it a Starbucks? Poe wins. @BlissfulMadness: RT to try saving the Poe House and Museum?:
@PrincessOfPage That's hilarious.
@KerrieJennifer and you are the bomb. Assuming that the bomb is a good thing.
RT @BitterRuin: ANYONE in BRIGHTON UK, HAVE A GOOD DRUMKIT for @brianviglione to borrow soon? contact @BitterRuin
@digitmisswade you are welcome.
RT @crusherjoe: @neilhimself It's tough for the Poe Museum: hotels suggest fans not visit because it's in a bad part of town. He, adaman ...
@mymutablemind right now
LOOK! NEW BLOG ENTRY This is fun.: posted by Neil

Revisiting many of our greatest hits in t... WARNING:Contains me
@KerrieJennifer I hope so.
@lotuselyse You probably thought it said Book because you weren't expecting to see the word Boob.
Looking at these bamboo refillable notebooks on Kickstarter. Went from "huh" to "Great Idea". 3 Days to go.
HUGO Award voters should look at this Graphic Stories list on #Hugo2011
@JamieCatto you're welcome!
@recreatekate Sorry.
Fans of artist Rick Berry or @amandapalmer? Reception tomorrow night for Rick's paintings. Exhibition until March 1
@britmandelo #Hugo2011 sure.
@SPSSS you think that "to be" is a preposition?
@SPSSS Are you a native English speaker? You may find this useful. and a guide to "be":
@KaH_was_taken i get around
@awalrusdarkly a) barely and b) I don't think it is.
@jonesarah round here we DREAM of it getting up to 16 degrees.
@bstiteler also, it's magic.

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