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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

From Twitter 02-09-2011

@pwopah So start with a couple and work your way along as you can afford them...
@how2whistle cool!
@eclarep There was a dead body sex scene in American Gods? What was it?
@eclarep No. She kisses him once, though.
We glued the Sandman prototype back together. Strange cloaks are in this Season.
@mstwilighteyes they are.
RT Sure. Kickstart! @bikesandcomics: we sent you the 1st part of this & got a nice letter from you any chance for a RT?
@indeciSEAN that's right.
Before I go to bed, here's a piffling smidge of history. The first actual post on my blog, exactly 10 years ago today:
@Joannechocolat In part, yes, I think.
@IanShirley If you like it just pass it on to someone else who might like it. Then get another book by me. It evens out.
@ZombieShazam yes
It was Post 2 because Post 1 was a test-post from Harper's webmaster saying the blog was open. @vtraddict @dennis_daniels @duckorange
And here's one of my favourite blog posts: in a cottage on a Pennslyvania Pig Sanctuary. It all comes flooding back.
RT @ORGZine: In case you missed this, @neilhimself speaks to us about copyright, piracy and book sales:
LOOK! NEW BLOG ENTRY Now We Are TEN.: posted by Neil

Happy Birthday to the blog. Thank you ... WARNING:Contains me
@jpsacko there is!
@adamroan Steve Erickson is s wonderful writer who wrote thr intro to Sandman Book 3. But I have no idea what you are talking about.
@amandapalmer 'scuse me. Are you going to do a thing on your Byron Bay gig tonight that I can retweet? Also, I love you.

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