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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

From Twitter 02-08-2011

@Tatimil that's bizarre. Did the @CBLDF run out of signed books? I'm happy to sign more for them next time I'm in NY...
@Mazy_Awesome He's on Twitter.... ask him?
@Tatimil Got it. What if you paid the extra to ship it to Brazil?
@Eplefe I don't know. If she's called Door now, it probably does...
@Tatimil I've sent you a DM. I'll sort it out somehow, if I have to send you a signed book myself.
I follow @hodgman because when I first came to Twitter, friendless & alone, he took me in. Or sent me occasional 140 char messages of hope.
LOOK! NEW BLOG ENTRY It's nearly Ten: posted by Neil

I've spent a lot of time since I got b... WARNING:Contains me
@Dianthrax like these?
The New York Times gets tired of waiting & reviews the Spiderman musical.
@vla13 wow. says there's stuff in the Spiderman musical Taymar borrowed from Sandman. I like it a tiny bit more now.
@cthulhuchick yup.
@Urrealism give her my love.
@sensatlandsend if it takes you to 140 characters the hyphen is toast....
@mister_jim sure.
@Strangities author is as good as it gets.
There are people who think that packing a prototype Sandman statue in a little bubblewrap will keep it safe in the
@openspacer Hullo Phelim. Did you glue it?
@openspacer point taken.
@grahamsleight HURRAH!
@damonbuxton She's good, isn't she?
Not sure if this is officially released or not yet, but here's the cover of new Preferred US AMERICAN GODS
RT @HarperCollins: Celebrate Neil Gaiman's Newbery Medal-winning masterpiece w/THE GRAVEYARD BOOK downloadable fan kit @neilhimself : ht ...
RT In Comics Stores, and online @k_gura: would you be so kind to tell where these statues can be purchased? #sandmanstatues
@EmLinnemann Yup. Same as the UK, pretty much.
@blur_girl Mostly because the Ho Chunk are also the Winnebago, I think.
@blur_girl And the original home of the Ho Chunk was the area of Wisconsin that the book is set, of course.
@yxorsm No. But the US edition didn't contain that text.
@jamesmasente And. But. The. Fornicate. Blister. Prod. Antebellum. Prognosticate. Plink. Things like that. The usual kind of words.
RT This is the Sandman statue in question, yes. @Suribot: @neilhimself Is this the statue they meant?
@Joannechocolat the weird thing is, that's been the UK text for 5 years.
@habituario happy birthday!
@nealpollack @hchauss @neiltyson @actuallyNPH ah, you're the funniest of all the Neils. It's not your fault you can't spell.
@Suribot I do. (Not a big fan of that one. Weird head.)
@escribiendoag Around the World in 80 Days.
RT Sure... @J_DIMPS: hey Neil! I'm 80yrs old and wish for 80K followers! can ya help an old lady out or what!
@blur_girl Exactly. I'm sorry I had Whisky Jack say you were bad at hiding.
@EuclidianBoxes It has been since 2005.
@thefoodgeek I'm sure there will. It'll probably be overpriced initially, and then come down.
@themorporkian I sincerely hope so.
@FiendAngelical wonderful.
@Aranelita argh. I used to know this. I think I'm even following the font designer...
@blur_girl That makes me peculiarly happy.
RT @GestaltMash: Matt Cheney - @melikhovo - returns and lands in Hell (again!) via @neilhimself in Part 3 of Season of Mists http://bit ...
@phoebe_mcgee Thank you! And it depends on the day...
@catvalente I've never been more exhausted than at the end of a full day's audiobooking. Day 3 is always the hardest.
@MauiDrilon it has!

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