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Monday, February 7, 2011

From Twitter 02-07-2011

@amandapalmer - You could even use the #savelibraries hashtag...
@PurpleBeccaAnn So glad you liked it!
@EmilyJiang Yup. That's Lola all right.
I figured it out. DEATH TALKS ABOUT LIFE was in selected VERTIGO comics in '92, then printed as a free giveaway in '94.
@Real_Hulk Well, exactly. Thanks for holding off on the smashage.
RT There is: see @Dr0id: is there a place to purchase the music from the audio book version of The Graveyard Book?
Anybody know where this picture is from, or who took it? (it came via @JSCarroll)
@cherrymorello of course...
RT @paleofuture: The building is in Detroit.
@makenai that was as far as I'd got on my own...
@Obtusitivity yup. Then tried Twitter.
You people are amazing. @wawoodworth: The side of the building pic is from here, 5th pic down. #houseofjoy
RT @wawoodworth: House of Joy, 13723 Linwood, Detroit MI (current Google streetview)
RT @wawoodworth: House of Joy, 13723 Linwood, Detroit MI (current Google streetview)
RT @LeylaKhate: the guy who took the pic is @smooveb #houseofjoy
Just realizing that the massed knowledge of 1.5 million people actually is a Search Engine in its own right. #mustuse thesepowersforgood
RT I dunno. "Asking Twitter" is how @amandapalmer gets fed on tour @rickyli99: try to get them to make u a sandwich, nothing happens.
@brianjshoopman oh dear god no.
@antsgardiner what is it?
@antsgardiner ah well. It happens.
@fablor come home.
@fablor I was late going to sleep then woken by an early phone call. Trying hard to get back to sleep again. Failing.
@BackstageRider @guntotingsound Hyacinths and Thistles is pretty wonderful too.
@DaveGarber Farah Mendelsohn's book about Fantasy?
Want to know what #GreatestLivingEnglishman Alan Moore thinks about Libraries? Watch this: #savelibraries
@lauriepink All libraries exist in his beard.
As requested by @neverwear, me holding the Cabal Sticker & Anansi Boys Lime bookmark. In a panda shirt.
@msimon129 like babble.
RT @richardpbacon: RT: @theollymann: I do love an amusing newspaper correction
@allanamato welcome aboard.
@BackstageRider I'm going to try and wait until I'm somewhere vaguely rockish for your Rock hands. It happens sometimes.
@leonievoogt Always.
Girl met boy, loved & lost him for 17 years, now getting married. She wants to win a wedding & asked me to tell people.
RT It does that @naysay: Coraline cured my son of nightmares.But now I'm the one crawling into his bed at 3am with teddy and blanket in tow.
@aaron878 yup.
@BackstageRider that was the plan.
@juliahobsbawm Do NOT tell her how geeky I was in 1985.
@peckenpaugh I did. I thought it was a bit silly. Most people do lots of stuff. I was a journalist, then I wrote comics, then everything...
@semosso you are welcome.
RT In the UK & USA too. It makes me happy. @lyd_lilly: In Spain,people have started naming their daughters Coraline
@coral77uk I wrote Caroline and mistyped it, and thought "that should be a name".
Last week to preorder the Kickstarter Transmetropolitan Art Book benefiting @CBLDF & Hero Initiative: (fixed link)
@CupcakeGoth You are welcome! Thanks for the lovely email.
@FirstmateRouge Nope. Just an assemblage with stuff still to do.
RT I don't think so. Is there? @SparkerPants: @lyd_lilly But is anyone naming their daughter Door? Excellent celebrity child name choice.
On wednesday my blog will be ten years old (about 700 years old in blog years). Trying to decide what to do to mark the occasion.
@Transmet Thank @cupcakegoth...
RT Brilliant idea... @TwiterHero: @neilhimself sell your blog for $315M to AOL maybe?
RT Er, no. @notthatgirl24: All nude blog.
@paperbackfoster I'll send her something, if she happens.
@Emanix Oh good. Did you see the Detroit photo? #HouseOfJoy
RT 1.4 million personalised poems...? No. @ScarlettCayford: Personalised poems for all regular readers?
@angle_man I like that idea...
You DO know that you can tweet the blog's @OracularOrb and it will Enlighten You, don't you?
@Urrealism Which reminds me. There are a bunch of photographs to be captioned. That $20 sure does get around...
Also, because it is February, there is a very silly picture of me in the Orb itself:
@ScarlettCayford Scarlett, because you/ asked for it I am sending/ a twitter Haiku
@KatWithSword Do not trifle with the Orb.
@cris7ian I asked it if Time Travel was stupid. It said "the bees do not seem to mind". So there you go.
@Urrealism so much so yes.
@nobbit that's wonderful!
@xoxoroo I hope so...

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