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Sunday, February 6, 2011

From Twitter 02-06-2011

Hm. This would be the White Witch and her evil wolf secret agents, except the wolves are not acting hard enough:
@JackieJack The photos are by @kuchtam. I wasn't there for them, alas.
@yorkshire_chris Glad you're adopting one!
@ohkayewhatever I'm so glad. Did you check the Cabal2 album? Lots of new stuff in there...
@WoodsmanHans not even a little bit.
RT @ManMadeMoon: RT @slashdot: Research Finds That Electric Fields Help Neurons Fire - opens up all sorts of possib ...
RT (I will be seeing it in 10 days time) @MrTeller: "Play Dead" did its 100th performance in New York tonight.
RT @amandapalmer: new blog, "lexington high school bans student-directed play about columbine shootings." - read it/comment at http://bi ...
@SuperJaneEyre You are so welcome!
Here @OlgaNunes explains how to do a successful Kickstarter campaign & what not to do :
@MARIADAHVANA I know. I take so much joy from Amanda's awards.
@olganunes It's a good post. Seeing the Jeff Jones film Kickstarter dying on the vine at I wish they'd read your blog.
@ROBERTSCHENKKAN Congratulations!
@olganunes I hope they'll read your blog and learn...
@SuperJaneEyre She does. And thanks!
@Glinner Thank you!
LOOK! NEW BLOG ENTRY Once you've got a lamppost...: posted by Neil

Kelly McCullough likes ... WARNING:Contains me
RT Hmm. Good idea. @Evre_Ka: why not?
@mutantember Mostly Vignette.
RT We should! @ThePinkEgoBox: Help save Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's home? #Sherlock
@supernova700 No, better than that, I have colleagues. #nowreading
@Bad__Monkey I remember that. And yes. #savelibraries
@LKHamilton We are!
@KerrieJennifer You are so welcome. Love to Jane Ire...
RT So much fun. (Thanks) @mister_jim's class have written letters to Silas from Bod's perspective. #graveyardbook
@hllangel I'm hearing those same rumours.
@MARIADAHVANA It's one reason I love @amandapalmer gigs so much.
@SaheliDatta they are, although I don't recall ever seeing that clause in any of my dealings with them.
Read about @SxipShirey's New Special Project here: Preview and buy it here: Glorious music!
@BackstageRider Will do. I was googling it and ran into - best mad rock hands website ever...
@bethofalltrades that's why people have agents and managers.
@bethofalltrades We need someone to say Pay Her The Money. Because all too often we'd do it for free.
@BackstageRider Is that meant to be a link to the world's largest cupcake?
@BackstageRider Best motto ever.
This is glorious, transcendent, magical: Just go and watch it. The song starts at 4.00.
@bethofalltrades Exactly.
@bethofalltrades "money for Art" is why there are middlemen. And it's sometimes a good thing, or we wouldn't have the time to make the art.
@kristenmchugh22 I'm afraid I wasn't there...
@sakuralovestea words. Many of them.
@riknata yup.
@fionachu I don't know if you can or not.
@MrBillyBones Better. It is @sxipshirey
RT Practising my snow levitation @bstiteler Abstract with @neilhimself @birdchick trampoline unimpressed dog.
@amandapalmer Try - a Brasserie open from 7 till 7?
@nataliefisher Exactly.

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