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Saturday, February 5, 2011

From Twitter 02-05-2011

@pamela_ho @magicbabening good. Come and stay here on the way.
I'm Following 666 people and have 1,517,517 Followers. I hope somewhere there're people who think 1,517,517 is the true number of the beast.
@GLPowers FAME!
You can listen to @fairuza's song Stormwinds at Well, go on. It's haunting.
RT @WeLoveLibraries: It's Save Our Libraries day #savelibraries -- http:/ ...
@TrainaMan I bought them. In a shop.
@scapey Did he mention that Terry Jones is writing it?
@xDiablis Some years ago a girlfriend asked me for a ghost story, so I made one up. She kept the lights on all night and was very grumpy.
RT @HagenMark: @neilhimself would u retweet to help Slits legend Viv Albertine finish her album? ...
The Guardian's #savelibraries coverage - from @culture_cuts. Wish I could have been there.
This was taken 30 mins ago. Right now there's a faun & a white witch down there too.
@MarDixon so proud of what you've accomplished so far.
The Faun & White Witch had a photographer. Will post a link when they put photos up.@standupmackan: Video, or it didn't happen!
@atgm613 I mostly am even-tempered. I can get grumpy if I haven't eaten, but even then it's an even-tempered grump.
@nataliefisher I'll ask them. But judging from it's happened to lots of people. Maybe you could volunteer for @CBLDF?
@alexholyoake Of course.
@atgm613 Definitely.
You may want to keep an eye on @KellyDMcC's twitpics. He was this evening's photo-faun (no kidding). Barechested in the snow, too.
@fablor Just pretend you're the calm sane one on the other end of the phone telling me what to do.
@MotleyHippie Not quite sure right now. Soonish I hope.
It's always the same. You put one lamp-post in the woods, & the bloody fauns move in: &
@am_klaafe It shines at night. Not by day. That's why it's never shining in photos taken during the day. @KellyDMcC
@lepetitclaudine Ah, that is not me. That is @KellyDMcC. I just put the lamppost in the woods.
@LKHamilton Just lucky, I guess.(Insert wry smily face here.)
@mkazoo Of course. I keep telling you I have no imagination, Megan.

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