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Friday, February 4, 2011

From Twitter 02-04-2011

@birdchick I'm much much older than @bstiteler. I can't even remember who he is, let alone why he doesn't have an "ill" in his twittername.
@ohkayewhatever And I'll upload a bunch more dog photos to the second picasa album. Ditto.
@jonathonmiller Nope. @amandapalmer is touring without me.
@mkazoo Cool. My favourite cross-dressing superspy.
@lucksangar it seems to be getting more possible, yes.
@CynthVonBuhler You have an amazing eye for a bargain...
@ravensward Yup.
@KerrieJennifer Come and visit!
Congratulations on your new job to @LotusElyse, Best Children's Book Publicist Ever. (I'll miss you, though.)
@meadrus They are huddling in their hives, eating honey and vibrating to keep warm.
A reminder to the UK: @Lenfunk7 alias Mr Lenny Henry is on tour with a band. (He's a great live performer.) Tour dates:
Also, @Lenfunk7 only has 454 followers and is new to Twitter. Probably hasn't even figured out how to reply to people. Follow him...? #FF
RT @lilactoventoux: @neilhimself cycling up Mt Ventoux 25 May for Alzheimer's research. RT v much appreciated!
@ohkayewhatever More of the kind of photos that you and Nora like, have been, well, they're at The Usual Place. You know.
@bethofalltrades "My old enemy". You have to say "my old enemy" or it doesn't count.
RT @mollycrabapple: Plz RT- Selling original art for my @neilhimself poster via twitter auction for @torproject. Art here: ...
@mollycrabapple sorry -- I was asleep & RTd it as soon as I woke up...
Another big plug for @lenfunk7's UK tour "Cradle to Rave". Doubters should read this review:
@SanityAssassin2 I am.
@SanityAssassin2 If you write what's in vogue, it'll be passe when it's printed.
LOOK! NEW BLOG ENTRY Sun!: posted by Neil

The sun is out! I'm typing this with frozen finge... WARNING:Contains me
@Lenfunk7 you're welcome, Len.
@am_klaafe just the shadows, I think...
@Realmomus waving. Playing EVIL GENIUS now. Nice to see you on the Twitter. I miss your blog.
@MsClara I won't tell them. And as long as @MitchBenn says nothing, you should be fine.
@am_klaafe I think it was spelled Haiman in Poland.
@thingsgretasays That is the best description of @amandapalmer ever.
RT @thingsgretasays: If someone tells u "U have lovely hair" u must say "Thank u, u have Lovely hair too." But if they look like a Fragg ...
Why did I not know that @Realmomus has a new album out? EVIL GENIUS is a perfect song about, er, evil geniuses:
@MsClara I just did. Greta is wise.
@am_klaafe That's my guess too.
@AtheneNumphe YES! I am tired of using the tip of my nose to do things on my phone in the cold...
@fairuza so you know, @kambrieldesign made my posh Oscars jacket...
Old postcards actually ARE improved by the addition of spacecraft and aliens. In case you were wondering. For proof:
@joe_hill hurrah!
@abigailvr that's her.

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