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Thursday, February 3, 2011

From Twitter 02-03-2011

@ales_kot Hi. Didn't you like the previous posts on Egypt I put up?
I should have mentioned that Alaska has a Cartoonist Laureate too. Vermont, Alaska. 48 to go:
@ales_kot by "clear request for Mubarak's immediate demise" you mean we ask US senators to request that the White House assassinate him?
@ales_kot Demise means death. And I'm not sure what wall you're talking about here.
@sdnaima2003 Not a problem.
@redbakersen they always do that when @amandapalmer is around.
For the record, my eyes don't always glow.
@Maudelynn I guess they do at that.
@DanaYumi aw...
@emilyrowan Happy Birthday.
@HelenOE She was.
RT @mollycrabapple: When as I get home I'm auctioning off the original art for @neilhimself's poem poster for Tor in Egypt. For now, buy ...
@GGSeymour glad to hear it.
@eananes From @kambrieldesign at
@Real_Hulk Well, I'm happy that io9 are getting out the message, but it's 7 pages of copyrighted @DCComics material.
@Amyleeradigan You're welcome. I hope I sent lots of eyes and ears to YouTube for you.
I09 has put up the DEATH TALKS ABOUT LIFE Comic, from 1992. Collected 1993. Mysteriously miscopyrighted 1994.
@Billstiteler. Happy Birthday. Now you're old.
Only 2 years after Android was launched, there's a Blogger App! Next batch of snowdog photos go to my neglected blog.
@cityoftongues I know that feeling.
@rklau And it works too! (None of the things that wanted to be Blogger Apps ever quite did...)
@JamieCatto No. Probably there should be. There's a great little @amandapalmer app.
@cityoftongues No, just the first time for each.
@cityoftongues Of course! Just contact @fablor and she'll give you an address and such. ANd thank you!

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