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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

From Twitter 02-02-2011

@tzippers You'll use it for more than that, I hope.
RT @brianjshoopman: @SaraJBenincasa @neilhimself I can go all night, 'cause you'll Neverwhere me out. #worstneilgaimanpickuplines
@proverb_jackson It depends. If you can write, and you want to, and you're prepared to work hard for it, then it's a 1.
RT @pattonoswalt: @neilhimself I Dream to Destroy your Delirious Desire for Death, & it's my Destiny to jizz on "dis pair" of tits. #wor ...
@pattonoswalt it's "dis pair" of tits that really got me. Also, you should be ashamed of yourself. Somewhere @hodgman is weeping.
@PolitelyOffend that's @olganunes and me ganging up on a bear in a good way, yes?
@SaraJBenincasa you are not a bully. You have a nice smile and I nearly took a bath with you. Well, I did take it near you.
@ebethmoreau I feel vaguely guilty.
RT @celebcauses: @neilhimself I have some Stardust in the back of my white van we can share. #worstneilgaimanpickuplines
@jamielikesthis If you like short stories, it's a good place to start.
I was about to retweet the #worstneilgaimanpickuplines, but realised there are so many amazingly awful ones. Click on the hashtag to see.
RT @benn_equinox: @neilhimself Believe me, there isn't anything Odd about my Frost Giant. #worstneilgaimanpickuplines
RT @Chumplet: I can sew buttons in places you never imagined. @neilhimself #worstneilgaimanpickuplines
RT I can't look away. I'm sorry. @HarithAyre: Think you can handle my "Fat Charlie"? #worstneilgaimanpickuplines
@JeromeIscariot I laughed out loud. If i hadn't sworn to stop clogging people's twitter feeds, I'd've RTd it...
@JessicaDwyer: Brilliant.
RT (Strange but true) @hodgman: "I played the father in Coraline. But I didn't sing the song. Also I'm married." #worstneilgaimanpickuplines
@k8thek8 You can't look away, can you? #worstneilgaimanpickuplines
RT [I will set @simonjclebon on you] @pattonoswalt: Y'like Duran Duran? 'Cuz I wroted a book 'bout those guys. #worstneilgaimanpickuplines
@cavaticat that may well be the worst... #worstneilgaimanpickuplines
@ohkayewhatever I think that's quite a good one, actually. #worstneilgaimanpickuplines
@SaraJBenincasa there was! It's probably on YouTube...
@Widgett whoa....
RT @cdibona: If any of you have seen my friend Wael @Ghonim please call +44 20 7031 3008 A pic of Wael is here:
@WoodsmanHans I think you could get some action with that, Hans. And then mention that you're in the New Yorker...
@brianjshoopman Look what you started. Well, you and @pattonoswalt .
@frogmouth She really is.
Just about now, people in the UK will begin to wake up and check their twitterfeed and start puzzling over #worstneilgaimanpickuplines.
@MyScarlettLady Go to bed.
RT Not if they want to get any sex in the next forever. @Voodoo_Riot: & then perhaps, try some of them out? #worstneilgaimanpickuplines
@jadedrain You didn't hear it from me. I retweeted @pattonoswalt. WHO SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF HIMSELF. But isn't. #WhyNeilWhy
@amandapalmer. Goodnight. I'm going to sleep here. Have a wonderful day in Australia. I love you.
RT We out-trended the zodiac? @inowgb: TopTag(3hrs) 1:#TLS 2:#quote 3:#worstneilgaimanpickuplines 4:#tcot 5:#Sagittarius 6:#fb 7:#Pisces
@GennyAstartiel That was not me. That was @hodgman.
@suffercait alas. It was an acrostic. @jasonwebley
@NicoleBorheier I come reading in Germany quite often. Every few years anyway.
@_ivalee You are welcome! @southships plots brilliantly.
@kellibickmanart In the right places, I bet that would pick you up any one you want.
It's all about the invisible dogs.
Quick! Look noble...
RT @MarDixon: @neilhimself Pls RT? Please remember that Libraries are closing world-wide. Feb 5th is a global day of support, not just U ...
@_PlasticSaint Hurrah!
@Ryver78 I spoke to @amandapalmer before she went to sleep. I think it was one of the most magical days of her life. She's very, very happy.
@MsClara @Crazyenglishmf @mitchbenn she will, you know. I mean, MsClara kicks asses recreationally. And arses too.
@prinzsalpha That's Cabal. Lola does cute, pretty and scenic, but she doesn't do noble yet.
@MitchBenn @MsClara It will always be like this. They once gave me presidential suite, when I got in at 1 am and left at 6 am alone.
Just learned Melissa Mia Hall died suddenly. She interviewed me. Heartbreaking. I don't understand the US & Medicine.
@MsClara Hurrah!
Ridiculously sweet. Nerdy Girl love song:
@DrElena I know. I'm just used to every other country in the world, where it's not even an issue.
@nataliefisher I'd ask twitter for someone nerdy & nice to date you, but cannot be responsible for the consequences.
@nataliefisher What countries are you going to be in over the next year?
@DrElena Yes.
Dear Twitter, nerdgirl @nataliefisher wants to find a nice nerdy bloke. She's in Sydney (& the UK & US). She's nice. Please romance her.
@nataliefisher done.
@HeddinNorth I know. Being from another country, I don't understand why there is no cheap medical option in the US. Mysteries.
I have been married a month. I didn't expect to learn this from Hot Guys Reading Books, mind.
@sjgillespie Lots of other countries are litigious. (The US is not the only one with lawyers.) Look at Canada or the UK.
@timboerger Or even better, don't.
@allirense thank you!
@voiceofkiki Will there be photos of us writing?
@Nemone7 No, you shouldn't. Trust me.
@Nemone7 No.
@RossBennett You know, other countries seem to manage just fine.
@LKHamilton it's a good start.
@sdnaima2003 An interviewer and reviewer. Freelanced for Publishers Weekly.
I think all states should have Cartoonist Laureates, not just Vermont. Congratulations James Kochalka!

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