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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

From Twitter 02-01-2011

@amandapalmer - And Mikelangelo can give us proper hairdryer usage tips! Or are they grooming each other for bugs?
@quiddity1 I will expect a complete official count of Sandman characters when it's finally done.
@MarDixon So glad it's helping. #savelibraries
RT @MarDixon: @neilhimself Once again, TY for your support for #savelibraries. Amazingly, it's making a difference! Feb 5th is big day t ...
RT @ClarionUCSD: Only one month left to apply! Clarion lovers, help us get the word out! RT, then tweet your a ...
Possibly strange @ClarionUCSD related question, I'm wondering if any Hollywood Stars actually like written SF. And what they like. #ClarionQ
@wilw You absolutely count. And I am already planning on dragging you into the Nefarious Plan. #clarionq
@larrymarder including the Creators.
RT @larrymarder: The Creator isn't his or her Book and the Book isn't his or her Creator. No one should ever get that mixed up. But some ...
@nalohopkinson APPLAUSE!
@olganunes I don't think that's quite true. But it's true that the polarising ones REALLY polarise.
@ClarionUCSD My hair wouldn't notice. But thank you.
@paulandstorm Well, have you ever seen both @Wilw and I in the same pla... oh, yes, you have.
@Keffy You're a good man, Keffy. #fb
@olganunes Oh, that's true too.
@darkbast I'm pretty sure Comixology still has them. DC Comics was concerned about them having "Mature Readers" content.
@JessicaDwyer Good call. Although I already know @michaelsheen likes Philip K Dick, and much more besides.
I really like @olganunes' spanking new Tumblr at: #donotusethewordspankingorstrangebotswillfollowyou
@HelokOfEternia The BedSitting Room.
Congratulations to @DaveMcKean and @MichaelSheen, and National Theatre Wales. I want to be in Port Talbot for Easter.
@dychri Many. And I foresee a future in which I write it many more times.
@FiendAngelical Even if I don't go, you should.
@jimstafford 140 characters can be cruel sometimes.
@Necrotek when Harlan gets a Twitter account, the world will end.
@Paul_Cornell "Lots of planets have an America".
RT remarkable @rootmtoot: in which @Philbradley gets a well deserved pat on the back helped by @neilhimself
@CrixTechNoir Probably not in this context. Unless they like written SF anyway.
@thejillthompson they do. Or at least, I have some. Would you like a pair?
@thejillthompson I'll ask @fablor to send you a set. Or... aren't you meant to be coming up this way at some point? You could collect them.
From the Google/Saynow Voice to Twitter system. People are calling in @speak2tweet from #Egypt.
RT @AudioGO_UK: Out today! Series 3 of The Museum of Curiosity (D/L), with @Schreiberland (Dan Schreiber) @Neilhimself (Neil Gaiman)... ...
@darkbast ask @comixology...
@AllieGatorMRD you are welcome. Come back any time.
@ZuriBella I do not know.
@KTBoyer that's MARVELLOUS!
Just got a proper passport photograph taken. I look like someone just arrested for having really strange hair & who was not pleased by this.
@klagor they do.
@WheresWaldock I can.
@Screenjabber I still think Robert Altman directing BONANZA is my favourite.
Today is my cousin Helen Fagin's 93rd Birthday. A remarkable woman who's lived an amazing life. Happy Birthday.
@mynxdmeanor exactly!
@Kambrieldesign Brilliant. (I think all future sidepockets have to big enough to take moleskin notebooks without stretching...)
And Happy 1st Birthday to @thebeat! (Comics News Since 2004. But now Independent.) Wish Heidi & co Happy Birthday at
@fairuza We are in the Pagan Top 20 Together!
@MaluBVargas No, that was done 14 years ago, when she would have been 79.
@Houckadoodledoo no.
In Seattle? Something strangely @jasonwebley might be happening tonight, if you can unriddle it:
@1967mustangman She is a first cousin twice removed. (Her mother was my great-grandfather's sister.)
My friend Dan Johnson (family doctor, occasional pilot) wrote 7 stories & an essay on Death, & published it to Kindle:
@pattonoswalt I don't know #greatDalekuplines
Since people asked: Dan's book is up on Nook & Lulu (A good book, from a Dr on end of life stuff.)
@SaraJBenincasa where?
@SaraJBenincasa No, Sara, that was me... (pause) OHMIGODSHEMEANS ME.
@beanbeanbean Nope. This is about popping your clogs.
@SaraJBenincasa You did not mean @pattonoswalt. You like him. You meant me. Because I made a Dalekpickupline joke. I am crushed.

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