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Monday, January 31, 2011

From Twitter 01-31-2011

@RoxyGyn the writing.
@LeavittAlone Just wished I could've been there.
@aah_ha So glad you did that! The poor thing -- it's so great you adopted her.
@katemckinnon She did. Emma's known me since about 1985 or 86.
@RoxyGyn Not really. Sandman's still the biggest thing I've done, and I'm proud of that. Mostly I'm not proud of anything I've written.
@JohanneLightXD I think they are sweet transient things, subsumed by the Gods of Interwebs.
Just a reminder: These GRAVEYARD BOOK Poppets contribute to the @CBLDF. And are cute and haunting.
RT @amandapalmer: my new record is at #25 in the Australian pop chart between eminem and justin bieber. #ThingsINeverImaginedHappening
@josirius I do not know. @UncleElephant might. Or Beaver @Hateman.
Knocking off for the night. Here's one of my favourite songs about Bees: #Beesongs
The "20 Facts About Neil Gaiman" ( has now become a T-shirt, all profits to the CBLDF:
@MrPendulum Liking everything except my ability to tell which end is up.
@thatsbull That's great photography. Talk to @southships, who is the tour manager about it. Maybe she could even photograph @EvelynEvelyn.
@roiben the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.
@bethofalltrades Ah, but it's not a @CBLDF shirt. It was done by @jimchines.
@bethofalltrades But I will absolutely point the @cbldf at you as a designer/merch geek.
RT @mattselman: If Narnia was a Jewish allegory, Aslan would be a big sheepdog who slept a lot and smelled like soup.
All queries about the "20 Facts" thingummy & tee shirt must be addressed to @JimCHines. Nothing to do with me.
RT these are great! @arktemplar: Could you please help spread? WW1-era style propaganda posters to #savelibraries
@tachaberdash Via... The magic of Twitter:!/Cavalorn/status/31822795381940224
Given recent tweets I shld point out that ALL the official Me-related Tshirts from @neverwear come in black. Except 2.
RT @jonesarah: Excited for upcoming guest shows, not only @KBAndersen tom'w nt but announcing author @neilhimself Feb 15! tix: http://ti ...
Early warning: I'm a guest at @jonesarah's "New Year, Nuyorican" show Feb 15th. & tickets to her shows are selling out.
@jonesarah Really sorry to miss @rosariodawson. She'll be great on the 11th, but we could've been a fun double-team. I've RT'd your post.
@frogmouth I'm delighted.
@heyjulian We need to figure out a way to fund it. (Up until now it was funded by me paying the prize money & Fullybooked doing the rest.)
@jonesarah worse than my french and my german. And both of them are pretty bad.
Faintly mind-boggling. You own a failing hobby store in Michigan. So why not, er, rip off Peter Jackson's credit card?
RT @DJSundog: For anyone wanting to read @neilhimself's latest link that he obliterated with a billion viewers, try the text cache: http ...
That neilwebfailed story (sorry Colleen) was courtesy of @thebeat. At Filled with other news too.
@likeawillow Not a lot of glee. Mostly apologetic. But I get the news out fast to stop more people clicking.
RT @pcraigrussell: @neilhimself Taking the artwork for CORALINE down to Lucy at The Cartoon Research Library in Columbus: ...
Lenny Henry - comedian, good bloke, and narrator of ANANSI BOYS audiobook is here as @Lenfunk7 and on tour in the UK:
@xLanceHorne Hug @ArmisteadMaupin in Sydney for me. And @amandapalmer. Hug her. Dammit Lance, just hug random people & say it's from me.

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