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Sunday, January 30, 2011

From Twitter 01-30-2011

RT @MoonFairy4: RTplease Middleschoolgirls created device for 3YO w/o fingers so she cld write. Click & it'll be made!
@Detetiv Really? Per my profile it only went out once.
Just finished typing short silly story I wrote on the plane home. Then I emailed it to my wife. I've never done that before. #newlyweirds
@CynthVonBuhler I suppose I never get invited to a #nakedgirlparty because I'm, you know, male. And fully dressed.
@CynthVonBuhler Hmm.
@Kambrieldesign @CynthVonBuhler Hmmm.
@sameshnaidoo @wordsoflizdom I don't know. I'd love to come out there.
@davidmackkabuki Yes indeed. It was odd.
@mjedral What personal data does it actually contain?
@Jrevilla88 that's really good.
@wordsoflizdom I think that's one you should talk to @fablor about. She's fabulouslorraine (at)
@amandapalmer What an amazing dressing room. I wish I was there. We could tango.
@mkazoo I've only tangoed once. Twice if you include my wedding, later the same day. And I think I tango like a wounded yak.
Is time for bed. Actually, is somehow 5 am. Oh well. Have a song I wrote long, long ago: (@fablor & @coffeeem acapella)
@EmmaEternal Thank you! @amandapalmer and I are very happy (but as of Friday, half a world apart for 6 weeks, alas).
RT @raingraves: Speaking of @neilhimself & @amandapalmer tangoing - a charming pic of them learning on their wedding day ...
@HaydensGames I do not blame...
@SthMtnMike you are welcome. Isn't @mrlennyh brilliant? (He hasn't twittered yet, though.)
Photographer Lauren Goldberg @fvphoto just posted this Death/Delirium/Desire photo from Dr Sketchy'sNYC right now
@vampandora I was!
Trying out the camera of my new Nexus S phone. Dog in the snow.
@DePhonix I'm using Vignette for Android.
@karinacooper It's Vignette for Android.
@Kemocs I've only had it a few hours. Will report back on the blog when I've had it longer.
@gothdroid Er. I've been android since the G1.
@notevenhere sure. Hi Becka. Happy Birthday.
@RockLoveJewelry Did you explain you weren't that kind of Death?
@fvphoto Give them all my love. Not personally. Just in general.
FAQ: 1) They are white german shepherd dogs. 2) The camera app is Vignette for Android. 3) for more photos.
@gothdroid not a problem.
@dylanmorgan Vignette App.
@kimannjosouth Yes, about 20 languages so far, and it depends.
@evil_avatar - lots of animals in need of homes there.
@yorkshire_chris Yes. Yes.
@erwsweetpea both rescues.
@PolitelyOffend that's ridiculous. And tragic.
Another Dogs FAQ: yes, mine are both rescue dogs. One locally, one through (they have 323,675 pets up for adoption)
Petfinder has 164 white german shepherds that need adoption now: (only adopt if you have the room & the time for them)
@Jitterbugx4 the woods
@DrSchadNFreude Too damn many. That was why I got Lola.
@DrSchadNFreude no, Pearl was just being put up temporarily. Lola's here for ever.
@emmyrossum I'll set the DVR for @sho_shameless . Sending love...
@ajoohoo It' #odd
@ajoohoo It actually goes back to the Nazis. They just didn't like white GSDs. And it would be #odd if that were the real reason.
@amandapalmer I love you, Spontaneous Plankiller.
@invictaindieart contact @fablor -- she's fabulouslorraine (at) But I'm already booked for this year's conventions...
@LaurelMS sorry.
@JanetRoper I would hate someone to get one because they are cute and noble, without understanding that they need those things.
@pennjillette My jaw just dropped. I think my assistant Lorraine (@fablor) used to play that stage.
@homawoodrum i love hearing things like that.
@LaurelSnyder Tell her that would have been the wisest course of action.
Myths being retold. Including one I mostly made up.

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