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Monday, January 24, 2011

From Twitter 01-24-2011

@johndalton that's kind of why we're recording it.
Me and FourPlay stumbling towards the end of the studio day.
@GeekOfOz she says I am, yes.
@Geek2Nurse always.
Yes @amandapalmer & I will definitely be signing after the Sydney OperaHouse Gig this Weds. Expensive seats sold out. Cheap seats available
Trying to write about diprotodon and thylacaleo carnifex in a pavement cafe (Really a sushi restaurant. They keep feeding me free edamame).
@fablor it's not morning here for another 20 minutes. But it's tomorrow morning when it is.
@TrueHellBennt after the battle with the phone's spellcheck to turn it into words it knew, you're lucky it got that close.
My assistant @fablor just reminded me that Australia is in the future. It's nice here. They have flying cars & a cure for the common cold.
RT @xulonxulon: Which wld all be very nice if we didn't also have climate change, peak oil, & a mutant virus that turns us all into zombies.
@JoshuaIreland it is. And the line up sounds amazing.
@campbellwhyte really cool.
Congratulatons to @ThatKevinSmith for #RedState at Sundance, and good luck to him on the innovative ways he's planning to release it.
@thehinton I RTd this a few days ago, didn't I?
@DREAMERONFIRE I'd be thrilled.
@livinlost I wasn't foolish enough to believe that my first stories or book would be published, but they had to be written & send out.
@DrSketchyPH we already know that @stoya makes a great Death, and I am certain @johnnyblazes will make a wonderful Desire.
@mulatta @juleees Shhh.
@Blue3lf thank you!
@seanpphillips that's wonderful!
@emmastraub you are welcome! Don't you have a book out now?
"I am not just a person who goes around peeing on tombs, but a writer with a serious oeuvre," he said today. #yesdear
@SteveDaldry really? In what way...
@twigletzone1 I did.
@popecinema exactly.
@clauagain fun!
@SteveDaldry Bizarre. How can my name be promotional?
@ifearzombies it is.
@SteveDaldry Very odd. I can't watch it from Australia, alas.
Sympathies to all in Moscow this morning.
@Kelly_McC @fablor she is a remarkable human trainer.
@lucither I just thought the quote was hilarious.
@allanfortytwo good. Then write one.
@girrocksmonica most of the answers you need are on my website. good luck.

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