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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

From Twitter 01-25-2011

Was just very silly with @amandapalmer in front of the RAGE cameras. We made the cameraman smile.
RT @triplej: Any questions for Neil Gaiman? The one and only @neilhimself, is coming in at 3.30pm to chat with @DoctortriplejPM.
@macleanbrendan you too!
RT @amandapalmer: me & @neilhimself surrounded by dressing room mayhem for the RAGE TV shoot. We picked some awesome videos... http://tw ...
RT @boobookittifukk: From the Sydney Opera House on Facebook: The dashing @neilhimself and the breathtaking @amandapa ...
@Mr_McAvoy 1) Yes. 2) The script.
@Jaydeyn There's only so much megafauna you can get into a single tweet.
@DoctortriplejPM Sorry about that. Um. I didn't mean to destroy TripleJ. Honest. It was a whim. I mean, poltergeists.
RT @DoctortriplejPM: @neilhimself the desk froze and I had to change studios seconds after you left. WHAT NEW MERRY HELL DID YOU VISIT U ...
@The_Ausmerican I'm sorry. I didn't mean to break it. It was so pretty. @DoctortriplejPM
I walked past a girl by a shop window, and glanced at her back tattoo. I wrote those words 18 years ago. I've never felt more like a ghost.
@theabraham it ended "sometimes when you fall, you fly."
(It was on her shoulder-blade: some of it was hidden by a strap. I could see "fall kills you" and then "sometimes when you fall you fly")
[God, no. She didn't even see me.] "@JustJimWillDo Did you introduce yourself to her?"
@mcvalada Maybe. I've seen lots of tattoos of characters and words of mine before. But this person didn't know I was alive...
For the curious: I don't know if this was the same person, but it was near as dammit this tattoo.
RT @MarDixon Can you please fill in? Libraries are important because [fill in & RT]. #savelibraries
@worshiptheram not at all.
@Ryearayata Don't lose the dream.
@mrtwisty76 I don't mind.
@maymay417 that I've written? Not any more.
@HayleyFiasco thank you so much! Inspired by Edgar Pangborn...
@sorbetera hi Nicole. I just put up your photo on my blog as well. (I assume it wasn't you I walked past. You aren't in Sydney now are you?)
@Joannechocolat It shivered me today, but so differently.
@Joannechocolat wait till they Come back to show you your signature now permanent and still bleeding ...
@Jessicadoodles maybe but it didn't quite feel like that.
@timminchin sorry about when I say you're like the Australian @mitchbenn & now that you're in the uk you may wind up eating each other.
LOOK! NEW BLOG ENTRY Feeling oddly ghostly: posted by Neil

I've let the blog do that thing ... WARNING:Contains me
You know you can vote for Matt Smith and Dr Who in the UK National TV awards? #hintthint
@nataliefisher Nope.
@PirateXxEsque tomorrow night
@gingerindian I hope so.
@aescapes very true
@CynthVonBuhler I would love to think so.
@MitchBenn you might have a video played on Australian TV this weekend. I might also accuse @timminchin of wanting to eat you or vice versa.
@deadlightsgirl - That's so cool.
@sorbetera I'm so pleased! Next time I come to the Philippines you must show me in person.
@magicbabening how is the adventure going? Give my love to your BFF.
@MitchBenn RAGE TV, this weekend, programmed by @amandapalmer and me. With love.
Here's @mkazoo's "five things I learned at Clarion" #5Clarionthings (Read it if you want to be a writer.)
@MitchBenn Nope. Although it would have been if I'd kept on playing with the list.
@ferretthimself hope @mkazoo survives. Can you get me a link to all of them, or where they're being collected and I'll point folk there.
@alierakieron I like that.
@w1tandlearning mostly, understanding what the author was trying to do and making it more like that, not less.
@allanamato - grin...
@Ianwhalen1387 beautiful.
RT @mpls_knitwit: Sweet! @Johnmoe just announced the Wits line-ups for this season. Patton Oswalt, Chuck Klosterman, Sandra Bernhard an ...
RT @johnmoe: Once more. #wits 2011: @pattonoswalt @CKlosterman @SandraBernhard @rosannecash @neilhimself @PFTompkins @grantleephilips +m ...
RT @maggiekb1: Wits = books, art, laughs, music + @johnmoe. Live on stage. Like Prairie Home Companion's cool, geeky, slightly tipsy nep ...
RT @johnmoe: OK! Phone lines at the Fitz are now up and running for #wits tickets. 651-290-1200. Sorry for the delay. Calls are pouring ...
RT @mollycrabapple: For our tribute to @neilhimself's Sandman, the models are acting out Dream's Funeral. Tickets at http://www.drsketch ...
For those of you puzzled by that last round of RTs about "Wits", all is explained at and #wits
RT @johnmoe: For understanding of #wits: last season's final show - w/ @hodgman @johnroderick @neilhimself @munsong ...
I had decided to ignore the Oscars this year. But Shaun Tan is nominated for THE LOST THING! Hurrah!
@Cruz_SA Google it.
@coyotegunnyon Do you send random "answer your emails" messages to people because you think they need reminding?
RT @southships: I need everyone around the world to please wish @_ivalee a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! please RT this, its her birthday surpris ...
Hmm. Interesting. "New Doubts Raised About Potential Bee-Killing Pesticide | Wired Science |"
@MsBobbyJenkins I will. I will. I won't.
@djlumpyrulesok of course! It's still on my mantel. Or I hope it is. (The mantel is thousands of miles away from here.)
@coyotegunnyon I rarely reply to individuals. You wanted "Tips for aspiring writers"? My blog is nearly 2million words. Many tips there.
@MirandaNoelRock But I already did a Pep Talk for them. I don't think I could pep talk better.
@djlumpyrulesok Sorry to hear it. His statue was the thing I used to convince DC Comics to make the first official SANDMAN statue.
@MirandaNoelRock perhaps you should point them at
@coyotegunnyon thank you! Good luck in your writing career.
@ubernell i might be. Watch for @Amandapalmer and I'll be next to her.
LOOK! NEW BLOG ENTRY Vote for E.L. Wisty, or else invisible nudists will come along and smas... WARNING:Contains me
@MMNestorowich @amandapalmer it is. But I like Marmite even more.
I'm just finishing the THING I am writing in order to read tonight at Sydney Opera House. I wonder if the Opera House has a printer.

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