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Saturday, January 22, 2011

From Twitter 01-22-2011

@indigohan I didn't. Is that good or bad?
@amandapalmer yum. You should try it again.
RT @amandapalmer: dinner last night at the flower drum w/ my melbourne adopters clare coney & peter nicholls. photo by @neilhimself. htt ...
Some great photos on @southships' blog include us at the lightbulb heartbeats hall at MONA
@rianpie - Great photo!
@tinlizzy actually we got married on Jan 2nd...
I read this article and felt so sorry for the journalist, if he went to @monamuseum and that was what he got out of it:
At the best gardenparty ever @thejaargument entertain us and break hearts.
This is Peter Nicholls, godfather of SF, and @mariekehardy, queen of Melbourne
@Valya yup.
@JonathanStrahan we miss you both!
@Boy_named_Joe love to you both!
The third act of the world's finest party seems to involve @amandapalmer on violin....
@ShawnJDouglas don't force it.
Good omens often works well for 12 year olds...
Strange dreams: a cat in a bath, dead girlfriends, @amandapalmer kidnapped by the BBC....
@phdaisy you've been snogging my dog?
@PalindromicGirl probably heading to and from the opera house on Tuesday and weds.
@FrankBastow not true.
@plummy_mummy it does!
To do today: write a poem about love and megafauna, pick 25 videos, continue short story, drink tea.
@Paul_Cornell I hope it made people smile.
@CraftyG33k I won't.
@thewildgoose it'll be in there.

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