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Friday, January 21, 2011

From Twitter 01-21-2011

RT @johnwlockwoodiv: @mattselman nice pic of you, hedge bart and @neilhimself
@Laura1_3 they are from New Zealand alas...
@Makalaster glad I helped!
@LeakingPan I am sure you will be.
@swittersTX wonderful
RT @graygunter: You can get @AmandaPalmer's new album "Goes Down Under" for 69 damn cents. How cheap are you if you're not clicking? htt ...
RT it's record release day for her antipodean CD, Goes Down Under. Download 69 cents or what you donate @AFPwire:
RT @ABCNerdzilla: Episode 5 of the Nerdzilla podcast is up, starring @neilhimself.
A quiet day. Loving being a new husband on a sort of honeymoon, even on wife's record release day. I beamed a lot & met Judy Collins.
@MarDixon you're so welcome. I hope it helps, in the UK and internationally.
@dcawley I hope you like it.
@BBCBreaking best quotes ever.
RT @ShawnJDouglas: @neilhimself Please RT to help the CBLDF TRANSMETROPOLITAN art book:
My assistant @Fablor needs your help helping 12 rescued Bengal cats: read her blog at & see if you can help or donate.
@rimfrostus I'm glad it's Dream and not Batman she's drooling at.
@TonyNoland I thought it was really funny. No objection here. @djelibeybi_meg @scalzi
@LindseyGough You know, there are times to let someone be sad.
@rimfrostus Really? Send a picture!
Reminder: if you're in Sydney on Weds, there are still tickets to see @amandapalmer (& me!) at Opera House
RT @KaH_was_taken: @neilhimself Please RT? SYDNEY @amandapalmer fans I might buy the $5k bundle! anyone want to pitch in? http://tinyurl ...
@GeekOfOz I don't think that's something to apologise for.

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