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Thursday, January 20, 2011

From Twitter 01-20-2011

In which I meet the Golden Possum and am told many secrets.
RT @Live_for_Films: @neilhimself At the Mountains of Madness poster design comp on the go. Any chance of an RT
@hataroni they may be evil in New Zealand. They aren't in Australia/Tasmania.
The @GeekOfOz does an interview with me in Hobart at
You can watch H. P. Lovecraft documentary FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN free at
I promised the @ABCnerdzilla crew I would ask the world who drew this Batman Tie: (leave suggestions in comments)
Just read this Guardian article about the #savelibraries hashtag trending. Check it out, and RT it...
@rclarkie So excited. Also have to write last last last-last-last bit of script still...
RT @edkaye: @neilhimself Could you please RT - we need votes to win 25K to help keep the World Parrot Sanctuary ope ...
@FraniMonster you'd have to talk to the editors on that one.
@sarahsatter that was my suggestion too. @abcnerdzilla
Watching @amandapalmer and Judy Collins on ABC 774 conversation hour. Great way to start a morning.
Writing a story in my beautiful personalized notebook, a gift from @sterfaine.
RT ALA & Simpsons photos too! @Neilhimself update here:
RT @amandapalmer: (The photo was by @neilhimself, who was hanging behind glass with Judy Collins' husband. #MenWhoLoveSingingWomen http: ...

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