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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

From Twitter 01-19-2011

RT @snouty: @neilhimself PLEASE RT only 20 days left to fund BETTER THINGS: The Life & Choices of Jeffrey Catherine Jones ...
At Bonarong. @amandapalmer meets a golden brush-tailed possum.
Today I got to handfeed Tasmanian Devils. Amazing. #onlyinTasmania
@Valya handfed two echidna both called Eric. #onlyinTasmania
@orinthomas I hope so. Amazed by wonderful stuff. MONA is jawdropping
@amandapalmer earrings
Dear @monamuseum, you are a mix of jamesbondvillain lair & the coolest art place on the planet. I love you. Will come back & see you open.
@Valya our friend Ron took lots of photos. Will post.
Woke up in remote honeymoon cottage. From there to @monamuseum to Bonorong & handfeed rare animals to Nick Cave concert. My mind just broke.
@sparksman I'll be reading at the opera house on Wednesday.
@rafides they were sweet. Even cuddly...
Greg Irons from Bonorong demonstrates that Tasmanian Devils are sweeter and cuddlier then their reputation would h
@jacwabbit it was so much fun!
Dear @warrenellis, the other Warren Ellis says to say he sends his love.
At Bonarong. @amandapalmer meets a golden brush-tailed possum.
Feeding the Tasmanian Devils Roadkill at Bonorong yesterday (Photo Ron Nordin)
Making new friends at Bonorong. I give them food.
@jeremyheynen get permission first? Unless you're doing it as an exercise.

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