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Friday, January 14, 2011

From Twitter 01-14-2011

LOOK! NEW BLOG ENTRY I took my love to Hobart in the rain: posted by Neil

Arrived in Hobart... WARNING:Contains me
@pseudicide Wonderful Death! I hope @amandapalmer and I can do a signing afterwards.
Blog embloggened. Now off to FourPlay rehearsal. The trick is going to be staying awake. #thisisyourbrainonjetlag
@niltiac that's them. I'm about to rehearse with them.
My posse.
@Marianne9 I will put you on the guest list if you like.
RT @amandapalmer: NINJA GIG IN TASMANIA it's official - tonight @ Brisbane Hotel, midnite, $10 benefit for the Tasmanian Forest (i KNOW) ...
RT @brionykidd: @neilhimself Hey, could you ask people to follow @tairaku (Brian) & #936mofo for #monafoma news?
@urchinette of course.
Popped in to see the missus rehearsing.
@kcallora I will be back.
@hayleycampbelly I saw him yesterday for the rehearsal. Today we have lunch.
@diannagraf - Such a great photo. I'm edible. Who knew?
@Space_Man_Spiff yup.
@DJCWrites I expect so, yes.
@ShjIntlBookFair thank you!
@Marjorie73 people would expect so much of me, then....
@hayleycampbelly we were talking about you and the great wall of vagina. Well, your dad was. I talked about how much hummus you can eat.
@TaniaWalker I was asleep. Sorry.
@cpg1ap I don't know. If she signs I'll sign to keep her company.
@hayleycampbelly I will. I will. Big manly hug.
@birdchick yes. Do we still have Russian bees on order? @fablor
@fuchsia__groan am I going to have to google that? Oh. Hang on. Right. Got it. I have no idea.
Last day to donate to SF translation prize and win signed books. Details at
Breakfast eaten. Much tea drunk. Newspaper read. Now up to wake up my wife. (This hasn't yet grown old) & carry on with Hempstock story.
The 90 Second Newbery Contest! (I'll throw in a signed book to my favourite "90 Second Graveyard Book".)
Hey! Kids! Free Audio Stuff! I read @Doctorow's short story The Right Book at
@The_Ghostwriter Hang on a second. I'll check.
@GreyAlea I'm pretty sure that we'll be working from 6 on today. But thank you!
@CJAmazing Dragons.
@CallMeGoldie thank you!
@LauraaM32 you can. Thank you!
Amazing article by Ann Powers at the LA Times on, well, all this:

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