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Saturday, January 15, 2011

From Twitter 01-15-2011

@Q_dog It's not impossible.
@Q_dog the MONA FOMA team would be the best people to contact.
Okay. @Hayleycampbelly, I hugged your father for you. He does not look noticeably weirded out by this.
Me and my FourPlay posse planning tonight's massacre.
@blurabbit147 made my day.
Tech rehearsal
RT @amandapalmer: Backstage in Tasmania: @jordanverzar, Eddie Campbell, @neilhimself, @neilhimself's rogue hand gesture. #MoFo http://t ...
Love this @amandapalmer backstage pic of @jordanverzar, Eddie Campbell, @neilhimself, my rogue hand gesture. #MoFo
@amandapalmer - I was explaining something that needed fingers.
@autographdude via @Neverwear
@BackstageRider will do. Keep reminding until you get it.
RT @amandapalmer: #MoFo! @neilhimself & I will be signing AFTER my slot at main entrance near merch tent (where we have the book we made ...
Survived the reading! Will sign with @amandapalmer when she's done tonight.
@tassie_gal it is a bit of a shed sound-wise, alas.
@acrollermom good. I got married and am in Tasmania.
@JonathanStrahan well, yes.
@ShinMiSun if you're around in 20 mins I'll be doing a signing with @amandapalmer.
The missus, showing off her Map of Tasmania
#Mofo Signing in a moment. More or less.
@ShinMiSun we'll be signing at the front merch tent very soon.
@ShinMiSun if you're stuck outside Eric the tour manager will come and get you.
@Rotae Eddie Campbell
@ShinMiSun sorry...I sent you a message saying security would let you in, but I sent it to me accidentally. (Never Twitter while signing.)
@ShinMiSun security know you are meant to be allowed. In.
@green_animation thank you!
@halfscottishguy She made it in safely through security! She was the girl dressed as Death about 15 people behind you.
@Pantstrovich You are SO welcome. And Amanda gave me your note to keep.
@Cassu such a great @amandapalmer-me card...
@DebbiBJones I'm pretty sure that the song is called "Map of Tasmania".
For those of you puzzled by the "Map of Tasmania" comment, this may make everything clearer: (and it's quite SFW)
RT @chris_coltrane: Milton Keynes folk withdraw every single book from their library, in protest against council plans to close it. Awes ...
@PrecisionGrace Why not? You don't see any genitals, and no public hair, and no nipples. Art-Merkins, yes...
@Meromorphic Really? I would have thought "NSFW" would mean it contained nudity, pubic hair or nipples. Or bottoms. And that doesn't.
@scotopic_lux Good morning, Kerrie.
@Metz77 The joke that said it was intended to be a very nice place to live, and that the English thought this was funny?
@maureenjohnson Geography!
@AnneBillson I am so glad you liked it! @popecinema is a terrific filmmaker...
@maureenjohnson You know, I don't want to teach at Miss @amandapalmer's School For Wayward Girls. But I'd like to read the comic about it.
@LusciousLani That is because you cannot hear what she was singing.
@NorikoNeko I loved doing Princess Mononoke.
Watersprite Film Festival, Entries Close 23 Jan. A really good thing for student filmmakers. @WaterspriteCam
@kaylenard Odd. Just tried it and it worked.
@LaniLaniDuck I want to read it. God help me. @maureenjohnson @amandapalmer
@tracie That makes me really happy...
@maureenjohnson I bet they'd be wayward by the end.
@maureenjohnson I will tell her about it when she wakes. Perhaps she will stare at me.
@hy_perion You must look at twitter, 'cos we said we were signing...
@hy_perion Alas. Sorry... we really did sign until late.
@elliottfranks <g>
For those still very "Map of Tasmania" puzzled, here's the YouTube link: #BestMerkinsEver
RT @theJAargument: People of Hobart! we invite you to join us for a #twitnic (twitter picnic) at St david's square at 1pm today. Being f ...
@MegKnieriem good luck.

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