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Thursday, January 13, 2011

From Twitter 01-13-2011

@caseymckinnon Octopus's garden, as it were.
Awake at 6 am in a hotel room on a wet day in Hobart. @amandapalmer asleep beside me. It's almost a real honeymoon & I am foolishly happy.
RT @cocodevaux: @nancy_pearl & @neilhimself together!? cant compute the enormity of awesomeness! nerd/lib brain jus ...
@hypertextgirl she did. She's lovely.
If you are in Las Vegas @jasonwebley is playing there tonight for the very 1st time. Look!
@neverwear I am!
@olganunes so sweet. Dianna and Mark waved us off to bed.
@bstiteler it is. So nice.
@FiendAngelical I wish Spin's mobile site would keep up...
RT @ebertchicago: Tom the Dancing Bug politically corrects Huckleberry Finn.
@FiendAngelical nope.
@SheriffJoe_D Then again, Blueberry Girl prison tattoos would be something to see.
@8bit_tim If there is it'll be after my show and @amandapalmer's gig tomorrow night.
RT @timhollo: Off to Hobart for FourPlay MoFo gigs - Sunday on our own and tomorrow with @neilhimself. Tas tweeps, pls come along!
RT @plivacpa: RT @neilhimself, you mind RTing a Kickstarter for a worthy cause? documentary abt my dad and Parkinson's; 2 wks left! http ...
@KateySaunders you're welcome!
@RBWUncleRock fortunately I'm English so am an exception
RT @amandapalmer: The WORLD PREMIERE of @PopeCinema's #MapOfTasmania music vid is up now on @SPINmagazine...WATCH! SHARE! ...
@BLINKINGOWL Isn't it just the tiniest bit rude to write to someone on their honeymoon and tell them to get to work? Just a bit?

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