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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

From Twitter 01-12-2011

RT @teefnolan: @neilhimself @Scalzi is winning! Send in you ...
@cyndaelle shadowlands was my first.
@amandapalmer I will see you in Tasmania* in 30 hours.

*Not a Euphemism.
@ulorin_vex Obviously I was heartbroken. @allanamato tells me that I now have to have a photo taken with your sister to quell family fights.
Mostly for online entertainment news sites -- a smidge more info on my Simpsons episode at
@T_Lawson Wouldn't that be doubleplusgood?
@T_Lawson Wouldn't that be doubleplusgood?
@WanderingHobbit cool! When was this?
@indigohan but we bought them all hats.
Next stop, Sydney airport to kill 6 hours until plane to Hobart takes off. If I was @amandapalmer I'd do a ninja gig. I am me, so I won't.
RT @nataliefisher: @neilhimself you could do a ninja... er.. Er. A ninja-sheepish-wave-around?
Plane doors closing. If we vanish in the Pacific, tell my wife I loved her very much & wish we'd had more than a day of marriage together.
RT @editormum75: @neilhimself I'm fundraising for #qldfloods with an Australian ebook anthology. Would you mind RTing?
@zombie_brame I'm here. Bored in a corner of the domestic terminal.
RT @diannagraf: @johndalton i emailed mona foma and asked about the @neilhimself show. they said due to increased capacity everyone will ...
@amandapalmer We're on the same continent. It's a start.
@diannagraf was it more than eleven?
@distantcities I am certain I will wake up sooner or later.
Just signed a book for @Zombiebrain. Amazed anyone found me. #Ninjasigning
Ossian Brown's book of old Hallowe'en photographs HAUNTED AIR may be the most wonderful thing in the world. In case you were wondering.
@GeekOfOz I'll be in Hobart officially, at the MONA FOMA festival.
Oops, that was @zombie_brame I signed for... #ninjasigning. Plane takes off in 2 hrs and 15 minutes. Nearly there...
@MichaelClear Yup. Signed a lot of Kindles.
@Domthemoon good lord
@HaunterMooneyes I don't know.
RT @BaronessHeather: @neilhimself another #qldfloods fundraising short-story anthology is happening as well. Submission info is here: ht ...
LOOK! NEW BLOG ENTRY I will be animated (yellow).: posted by Neil

I'm in a corner in Sydney... WARNING:Contains me
@Threnodae Not sarcastic at all. Lots of people have Kindles. Mostly I sign the back. @MichaelClear
@nataliefisher I expect you to flail on Australia Day. Flail loudly.
@Tinuveil you're welcome!
@LusciousLani I was tucked away in a corner, but near the only easily accessible powerpoints, so not impossible to find.
@Rukusan I'm back for the @amandapalmer gig on Australia Day.
@justmerri But *something* has to happen in the Opera House on Australia Day. Better to rejoice that it's @amandapalmer & me than grumble.

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