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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

From Twitter 01-11-2011

@dankell Apparently Hank Azaria did an excellent me at the table read.
@wadjet85 Definitely. The next one will take him to the Mediterranean.
@PolitelyOffend That was beautiful! Thank you! I hope @amandapalmer likes it too.
The front desk doesn't answer. Shall I walk down & ask them to change the battery on the smoke alarm, or close bedroom door & hope it stops?
.@amandapalmer talked me into walking to the front desk. Going in person worked as they couldn't pretend phone hadn't rung. Finally quiet.
@demorgan_kram if you take the batteries out it still chirps.
To all the people who suggested removing batteries. It doesn't stop the noise. First thing I tried. You need to replace them.
@colbeyuk I wish. Fly to Tasmania to see bride tomorrow.
Very tempted to post name of hotel with avoid warning but suspect that violates my USE THESE POWERS ONLY FOR GOOD rule. Bad, bad hotel tho.
@jaggedrain it's hardwired into the wall.
RT @timhollo: Dear @neilhimself, can you pls RT the QLD flood appeal details? Area under water now the size of France/Germany: http://bi ...
@rolkus nope. Los Angeles.
RT @Mmblvt: @neilhimself I'm sure you've seen this but... nprmusic Song of the Day: Amanda Palmer: Radiohead For Four Strings http://n.p ...
@DiamondMeadow link?
Hotel manager was really cool. Apologized honestly and made things good. Glad I didn't go ballistic on Twitter at 3 am.
@lucasscoppio I don't. But the Australia visa is electronic.
RT @mattselman: - All-star voice-over artist/funny-book writer Neil Gaiman @neilhimself lent us his talents ye ...
@KlausFuture nope.
@SimonJCLeBON Simon! My God, everybody's here. Waving back at you Scorpio brother!
@PaigeXc Los Angeles.
@HayleyFiasco wonder why it showed up again today.
@amber_benson Dork. Come and say hi.
@allanamato Can't wait to see it!
Why I love Twitter: suddenly the world produces @amber_benson. Here seen plotting world domination
@RozKaveney will do!
@MitchBenn and she was really lovely!
@lklinger I adored her

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