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Monday, January 10, 2011

From Twitter 01-10-2011

@maureenjohnson you can put it on the back of a book...?
RT @ashleytomberlin: Listening to @neilhimself read Neverwhere. Pro: Perfect bedtime story voice. Con: I'm asleep in 15 min having utter ...
@amandapalmer nope. By 1995 the hair was the same as now. Just less wild.
@amandapalmer you have to stay alive until I get there on Thursday. Then you have to stay alive for decades after that.
@amandapalmer NOT THE SNAIL!
@DJInvictus yup. Don't let her go to Australia the day after you get married unless you go with her.
@MauiDrilon yum
This hotel has astonishingly thin walls: don't you agree, family with 2 grumpy kids above me, or couple having sex in the room on the left?
About to do something really cool. Up there with writing a DOCTOR WHO level of cool. May post Twitpic clues
Initials of studio: MS.
Your final clue. This one is difficult.
@PolitelyOffend thank you!
Went to the Marge Simpson Studios. Recorded my part as "Neil Gaiman", a British author. The accent was the hardest bit to get right.
@nataliefisher just until the Opera House.
@Tatoes orally.
@WesleyStace Oddly enough, I wound up doing my "Hits a Jawly Oldidye wiv yew Mairy Pawpins" in the studio, but not when the tape was running
@Marjorie73 Never!
@marcosfaria70 I can still hope.
@Olerhead I try.
@maddyg44 You'll be 17 by the time that happens, darling.
@katelaity Shouldn't you wait and say that immediately after the episode airs? @The_AV_Club
@patrickkeller It's definitely just you. @The_AV_Club
@catepolacek I regard this as my audition piece...
@TaraMcPherson Just dropped a line to DC Comics to see if they'll put it in Absolute Sandman #5.
@TaraMcPherson You know, you and @neverwear ought to talk. I bet we could do an amazing poem-print together...
@Ms_Tuesday Excelllent.

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