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Sunday, January 9, 2011

From Twitter 01-09-2011

@Einsteins_Clone We were friends for many years. Here:
@indigohan I'll just be in Melbourne for a day or so as a private individual. In Hobart as me in Sydney as @amandapalmer's guest at her gig.
Dinner with @Jamyianswiss & @Rationalgirl. Jamy astounded my friends with miracles. I was just happy to see him for 1st time in 12 years.
@ambertee Have a great time. She's the best thing in the WHOLE WORLD.
@ambertee - Best thing of the day. Thank you!
@indigohan not at all. Check out the Mona foma festival programme.
@Basyak oh good!
At #alamw11 in a hotel with many librarians. Out on the street it's like this but with librarians not cartoonists.
@Joannechocolat If you master stunt archery while belly dancing there would be a place for you in any circus.
@Joannechocolat Not at all. I will come to your first night if you join the circus, and you can shoot things off my head. #Whilebellydancing
It's not like this at comic-con...
@wawoodworth It's a GREAT shirt! You should be proud of yourself!
@maureenjohnson You are evil.
@ranti Alas. Next time...
RT @mlhodge: @neilhimself insults Fenimore Cooper, & a room full of librarians is perhaps one of the few audiences that would laugh know ...
@ranti I would've signed anything. Not sure where the rules came from...

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