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Friday, December 31, 2010

From Twitter 12-31-2010

@BitterOldJoe that's wonderful.
Brian Viglione encounters the Blue Meanie
Backstage with the @dresdendolls in the Yellow Submarine corridor.
@amjappe okay.
@jamyianswiss already saw them. I think they are enjoying themselves. Rock the Magic castle.
@TheVeganPagan yup
RT @StevenGould: RT by New Year to enter drawing for ebooks of JUMPER, REFLEX, WILDSIDE, HELM, & BLIND WAVES. #jumpdraw
@RL_Stine happy new year to you too!
@mistressmousey next time you're out my way I'll give you a tour.
@Kelly_McC - Very fetching.
@PolitelyOffend it was the next morning...
What I said at midnight last year
@Herbie197669 you must ask @realclivebarker...
In San Francisco hotel with family. Found @personalityhtls via Twitter in 2009 & they take the best care of us. So good to be back.
@TempleofAnubis for some reason link keeps crashing on my phone. Can you resend in a couple of days when it's quieter?
RT @fhionn: May I please ask your help in spreading the word that Michael Zulli's book,Fracture of the Universal Boy,is available for p ...
@fhionn sending love. Just RTd you on UNIVERSAL BOY
@allanamato alas. Happy new year.
@fhionn a bust in what sense?
@KatWithSword it'll be @amandapalmer for each, I'm afraid. But she'll be going home with me, and I'm pretty sketchy.
@sprizio San Francisco is the town of good sushi. It's harder to find the bad places.
About to shave & get changed for tonight's New Year's Eve @dresdendolls show at the Warfield in SF. (About 100 tickets left as I type this.)
@elliottfranks for you too! Even more success.
RT @sockrox: @neilhimself meet you in the elevator today please RT I have two extra GA tickets for tonights @dresdendolls show. Selling ...
@dloehr if I can.
Getting ready for tonight's @dresdendolls show. Suspect that my hair is trying to escape.
@WTFF will do.
@worldwidecox @Larrymarder you are very welcome!
There. I wrote a blog. Now to find the Warfield and my top hat. With luck, I'll kiss a hot girl with painted-on eyebrows at midnight. Happy.
LOOK! NEW BLOG ENTRY Another Year: posted by Neil

Every Three Years, I said, in 2007. And i... WARNING:Contains me
@LordofTales I am. Well, half of it is non-black.
@alttext It's TWITTER. I get 140 characters. I used each and every one of them. You knew what I meant. WHY QUIBBLE?

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