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Thursday, December 30, 2010

From Twitter 12-30-2010

RT so wrong @birdchick: A special @neilhimself & @jonathancoulton "Hey Girl"
@JustinFulkerson There's a really good, if outdated, blog entry at my blog all about agents, good bad and how to get them.
@Zombie_Woof overweight
@raingraves you have to make it. How are we going to Tango without you?
@LiberatumGlobal I don't know. Was it sent to me or to @fablor?
@birdchick Google's Free Inflight WiFi for Xmas!
@LiberatumGlobal I'll check with her when I get back. Very odd - even if the answer was no you should have heard back.
@Ollie_Warren the first 6.
@lunanola I am glad it still works!
In SanDiego for tonight's @dresdendolls gig. @amandapalmer's fast asleep. We hadn't seen each other for a month. Waking her up seems cruel.
@msmaddiep I thought there were lots of them, all over the UK. Normally near cathedrals.
@deadlightsgirl Pride.
@GothyBeans It's the audio dubbing script. Automated Digital Recording, someone told me it stands for.
@Nemone7 @Jodyth Bet I could. #threeleftfeet
When my episode of ARTHUR airs I get emails & tweets from people telling me it made their kids write or drew something. Glow. #falafelosophy
@LeonHedstrom Who's Jodi Reamer? And y'know, this is Twitter. People who grumble about typos often wind up mocked or blocked.
Yes, the word "drew" should have been "draw". If this bothers you, take a small piece of paper with an "a" on it & glue it to your screens.
RT That's even better! @srkatus Forget my kids, your Arthur ep made me want to pick a pen up and create something. #falafelosophy
RT @ClarionUCSD: 2011 will be an exciting year for the Clarion Blog. Subscribe and be sure not to miss any of our exciting guests! http ...
Backstage at SD House of Blues. Onstage @dresdendolls are beatboxing. I am eating all their rider food & writing a short story. #writerslife
RT @lauriepink: @neilhimself It's fiddly, but ultimately rewarding. You're so wise.
@cindypon not a bit!
@lizzhuerta tell me in two weeks when I am back here for ALA.
@xLanceHorne me too!
@caseymckinnon yup. Never happened.
@rodgerrynd pics of mostly eaten salsa and chips and notebook?
@KatWithSword have you discovered Harry Stephen Keeler yet?
@KatWithSword the mystery of the traveling skull may be easiest to find. Mcsweeneys reprinted it a few years back.
@3liza exactly!

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