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Saturday, January 1, 2011

From Twitter 01-01-2011

@CallMeGoldie will do!
Saw some pomplemoose. Really liked them. Next up @dresdendolls with @jasonwebley @zoeboekbinder uncle tom cobbley and all. #warfield
"And the ship, the Black Freighter..."
@Perfect_Timing sure. I'm around here.
Backstage. With hat.
@nataliefisher it will be in the morning.
From side of stage: @amandapalmer performing with a supine @zoeboekbinder. Brian beatboxes out of shot.
@MichaelClear I just might at that.
@grownupteeth I'm all over the place. It's brilliant.
@NeonPapillon you should have done!
@fairuza hearts and flowers and happy new year Ruza!
@FredZombie I'm pretty sure I did. I mean, I left on foot in the rain from the stage door.
@amarantha00 you're welcome.
@AdrienneBiggs I was only backstage for a couple of numbers.
RT @dragonmount: Just d'loaded issue 600 of @locusmag - their 1st #epub version. Well done! Includes great articles by @scalzi, @neilhim ...
A year ago today I asked @amandapalmer to marry me and she said yes. What an excellent anniversary. Happy 1/1/11 world.
@GooseSushi. You've seen them live, then?

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