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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

From Twitter 12-29-2010

Following a link by @ebertchicago I discover that much P.G.Wodehouse is free for Kindle, eg Hurrah.
@AnnPorras I'm trying to cut the numbers of people I follow, so no. But thank you for asking nicely.
This home movie of a family's trip to 1956 Disneyland is strangely compulsive viewing. Days of Future Past...
@tananda73 Good point. I'll go to bed then. Thank you.
@mariannekg It's a Known Issue with Safari and flash -- should be okay if you go to individual blog entries #webfail
@PendejoJoe are you sure it has? I thought they were way ahead of that...
RT @angryuniverse: @neilhimself might you be persuaded to ask your RichmondVA/CentralVA followers to donate blood? We are running dry. ...
@thirdmusket I can. But I'm English and lived in England in 1996, and am still not allowed to donate blood either.
RT FYI @comiXology: Vertigo is 18+, so you can't buy SANDMAN on the 12+ DC app. If you buy on the comiXology app, they'll show up in DC.
@SapGoblin I wish.
@DinoIgnacio I hope she enjoys it!
Listening to @Fablor on the phone to a hotel. It's like watching a master swordsman eviscerate an opponent as she organises everything...
RT @DaveMcKean: Delighted to hear that I share a birthday with Bernard Cribbins, Mary Tyler Moore and Marianne Faithful.
It's happy birthday to @DaveMcKean. Finest of friends, best of artists. Who is always 3 years younger than I am. Young whippersnapper.
I am VERY NERVOUS. Also, @amandapalmer and I will get a Tango lesson on Jan 2nd. These two things may be connected. #3leftfeet
@BackstageRider Sure. Remind me...
@Paul_Vindici you can always ask. And yes, it has been filmed. #butIwillnotanswer
@fairuza (making sure that your Lolo story is on the right computer this time).
RT @MARIADAHVANA: This is sad & fascinating reading: - essay on the rise & fall of child novelist Barbara Follett ( ...
@DhruvGovil I don't think I have a favourite.
Have decided not to be nervous about Tango Lessons. Have decided instead to obsess about Pie & finishing Dr Who ADR script. #ThereWillBePie
@steveaylett BRILLIANT! Should I spread the word to the world yet?
RT this is wonderful news @steveaylett: the LINT movie really will be out in 2011
@moonandserpent Lint was a huge influence obviously.
@EmilyJiang wise words.
@MARIADAHVANA tell me what it's like.
RT @MaryGaughan: @neilhimself Have you seen this astonishing article & photos from @NatGeoSociety on Cahokia Mounds in IL? ...
@AnnPorras probably a vampire.
@MercuryRed I think the odds are against me. But thank you. #1sttango
@MeetDennis thank you.
@MARIADAHVANA so pleased that @amandapalmer brought you into my life too. And yes, ditto.
@paulandstorm Moon by Dunkin Jones #donutmovies
@paulandstorm Donut Look Now #donutmovies
They are asking for 5 people to get off the plane & go to San Diego on Sat instead, or they won't take off. No volunteers yet.
@MamaGaea Delta.
@LKHamilton and, in my case, in all probability, treading on her feet...
@kierstenwhite I will start a whispering campaign.
They got 3 people off the plane and have closed the door. Farewell ..

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