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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

From Twitter 12-28-2010

@sxipshirey do not be scared of English doctors, Sxip. Suck the leeches hourly till they dissolve, make sure the mustard poultice is hot.
RT @JSCarroll: In Tanzania, the normal greeting is "Habari," which means "How are you?" The typical answer to that is "Imara" which mean ...
@Valya @Sxipshirey British leeches dissolve in your mouth, and by George they suck out what ails you! #LeechAdSlogans
@evilflea @JSCarroll Thanks. I love Twitter.
@satinephoenix thank you!
@caseymckinnon and I'd do it, too...
@tjcrowley yup.!/neilhimself/status/28932079817
RT @evilflea: @neilhimself @JSCarroll PS if you fancy plugging our education/microfinance proj in my friends village in Tz, its http://h ...
RT @evilflea: @JSCarroll @neilhimself "Habari?" lit. means "News?" My favourite response is "Poa kachisi kama ndisi" - "Cool & crazy lik ...
Long, fun day. Planned a mystery thing, read the amazing script for a different mystery thing, wrote, & watched The Goodies with @maddyg44.
@pericula Funny you should ask that... #mapoftasmania
@pericula No where to stop. Not like Diana of Ephesus:
@heres_johnnie Get Absolute Sandman volume 1. It should be back in stock next week.
@nataliefisher nope. A completely new set of mystery things.
@IntNorbertCon there are three DVDs. This was the new one.
@colove1 George mikes? He was funny and observant.
RT and I still mean it @sarahsalway: Still love this (old) writing advice from @neilhimself -
@MARIADAHVANA @sxipshirey Absolutely. Most English doctors recommend a kipper worn inside the vest to ward off coughs.
@raliel In April, all will be revealed.
RT @tiffanymurray: @sarahsalway And don't forget THE BUTTONS advice, too! Who could be afraid? (from @neilhimself ) ...
@chalkeee I'm wrapping up the ADR script now, and then it all gets recorded and then all I have to do is wait and fret.
@sxipshirey not at all. A proper string vest like they used to sell in Marks & Spencer.
@MARIADAHVANA @sxipshirey ...and by suspenders, she means braces.
RT jaw-droppingly gorgeous @pcraigrussell: Did this one for fun: Original SANDMAN art by P. Craig Russell
@adoptanolddog I'm sure one day I will. But it's a good reminder to plug petfinder to the world...
Off to photograph an academic former ballerina who wants to pose by my lamppost. Who knew "I have a lamppost" would be a way to meet girls?
@ToshiroSan sort of. Nothing announceable yet.
RT @SPINmagazine: Merry Christmas! Our gift to you, 16 FREE songs incl. MGMT, Spoon, Beach House, Wavves via @iTunesMusic ...
RT too kind. It's the lamppost. @phdaisy: @neilhimself knows how to take a pretty picture! #lamppostpalooza
RT @Sofia_Alexandra: @neilhimself Somewhere in the world there's a wardrobe that leads to your garden.
RT @amandapalmer: aw! @spinmagazine nominated me best tweeter of the year. go vote. and write me in for sex goddess too. wtf? http://bit ...

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