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Monday, December 27, 2010

From Twitter 12-27-2010

@mcculloughl thank you both for the company & Dr Who appreciation.
Three different songs sung by @DaveMcKean with words by me at Yes, he can sing and play piano too.
Good news for @booktrust.. at least, I hope it is:
@Valya yup #drwho
LOOK! NEW BLOG ENTRY Nicholas Was Redux and a small public service announcement: posted by N... WARNING:Contains me
@CanIKeepThisPen very, very badly.
RT @JSCarroll: "You have to cross the river first before you can tell the crocodile he has bad breath."
Chinese proverb
@PolitelyOffend Probably the Laibach cover of ACROSS THE UNIVERSE
@IFearZombies have some really nice ones up right now for adoption....
@IFearZombies If I wasn't already dogged out, I'd adopt this one:
@serafinowicz still shocked, angered & hurt by last night's "joke". Boxing Day completely ruined. Next time, think before you tweet.
Elisabeth Beresford is dead. I never understood why her Wombles went huge while the Magic Books series were forgotten.
@propacore No, but I'll wave.
@bostonturgy you are welcome. Glad @greengoddessFQ came through for you. I wish I could eat there every night...
@varietydelights Good luck!
@Shatners_Ghost Generally speaking, or in the matter of @serafinowicz trying to spoil Twitter for everybody?
@FoleyIsGood Why would people RT something like that? It only encourages him.
@laurenbeukes BRILLIANT.
As people are asking, yes, I'll be at the @dresdendolls gigs on the 30th (San Diego) & 31st (SF). Off duty, but might sign things if asked.
@Shatners_Ghost nothing to apologise for.
@PollySamson I do not know what to say, so I shall simply beam. You and @juliahobsbawm are wonderful.
@Iamjemeni That put a smile on my face that will last the day. If you can, listen to the Lenny Henry AudioBook. It's wonderful!
Mike Dringenberg sent me this link to a Russian article on comics - (Hurrah for Google Translate)
RT @bootiemashup: done w/our Xmas mashups yet @neilhimself ? :) We just put our Best of Bootie 2010 album out + bonus , here: http://Boo ...
@iiSaRAWR Well done!
@AlinaSimone Want me to set aside any of my books in Russian for you?
@ayeletw Will do! I keep going to, then having to deal with house filled with offspring & their friends, and having to not. But, yes.
@AlinaSimone the ones I wrote they give me copies of.
@ComicPanelist you are welcome and she is lovely.

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